Vishwakarma Puja

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Vishvakarma Puja

Vishvakarma in Hindu mythology was an architect and engineer and built many flying machines. Hindus widely regard Vishvakarma as the god of architecture and engineering and Lord Vishvakarma can rightly be termed as the presiding deity of all architects. Vishvakarma Puja is celebrated every year on September 17-a resolution time for workers and craftsmen to multiply their efficiency and productivity and gain divine inspiration for the creation of novel products. The usual dreary industries and factories come alive with fiesta and there is a certain bonding among the fellow workers. Vishvakarma Puja is also associated with the ritual of flying kites and vehicle workshops adorn their cars with balloons and confetti.


Vijaydashami or Dussehra is one of the most significant and fascinating festivals of the Indian culture. It is the tenth day of Ashvin when statues of Goddess Durga are submerged in water. It is the day when Lord ShriRam killed the great demon Ravana who had abducted Ram’s wife, Sita; it marks the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated in diverse ways throughout the country but it also brings along with it some ‘uncanny’ rituals which are bound to amaze one and all. L.K. Advani, the BJP politico takes the form of Ram each year and burns the effigies while M.Karunanidhi is the demon ‘Ravana’ in the Allahabad celebrations. dussehra
Allahabad devotees worship Ravana each year instead of burning him down and in turn offer prayers .Ramlilas add to the fun quotient, and this year they are going to be BIGGER and BETTER, being more driven by technology. Cheers to a dazzling Dussehra!

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