The Curious case Of the Kissing Langur

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Just a week after our top headlines of “The Langur Drive” citing the pitiable conditions in which some langurs are kept in Delhi University, the tables seem to have turned. Instead of the dingy cramped cages , the langur in St. Stephen’s College seems to have got accustomed to basking in the limelight , specially in its plush new habitat – kissing booth. That’s right, – a langur at a kissing booth at precisely Rs. 5 per kiss.

In an attempt to publicize the annual intra-college festival of St. Stephen’s College- HARMONY which is set to commence from the 25th of this month , the organizers came up with this ingenious idea. Indeed they were met with huge success, since students turned up in large numbers to check out the much talked about kissing booth. Some said that they heard rumors of some foreign hunk coming and the boys presumed a beautiful young lady would welcome them. The remaining students just went to enjoy the spectacle. Well, whatever they all thought, they sure did not expect the baby Chetan, the college’s pet langur, waiting for them at the counter.

Says Haritha, member of the organizing committee, “Chetan is a vital part of this college and we found a way to include him in the Harmony celebrations.”

“Keeping him in the kissing booth was done to popularize the 3-day festival among the first years. This was to add fun to the enthusiastic atmosphere created by curious students looking forward to 3 days of fun-filled activities.”

Naveen Venna, the college president, said, “It was an amazing publicity stunt to welcome the festival of Harmony and at the same time, helpful to fool the people.”

Since it’s the first time that I’ll be attending Harmony, I was rather curious to take a sneak peak. It’s funny now and I hate to admit that I actually believed someone who told me that a hot Ukraine model would be present”, Praniti, a first year Economics student says.

“It was an eye-catcher in the true sense of the word. Last year, I remember the main portico was decorated and students on decorated cycles used to tour the college few days in advance”, second year student Shrabana recalls.

On the other hand, some claim that they knew it wouldn’t be different from ‘bakra’ stunt.However , Stephens is no stranger to unconventional publicity stunts. Last year an interesting sight around campus was male students roaming in boxers ,wrapped in Harmony banners that said: “Working our pants off for Harmony

Now, what could be more literal?

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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