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Masque, the English dramatics society of Hindu College recently performed at the Akshara theatre on 6th and 7th of this month. Eeshaan Tiwary caught up with Vikalp Mudgal, the president of the society, who gave us the lowdown on the performance.
It was actually a precursor to the fest season, providing an opportunity to the first years to get a feel of the stage and will not be performed in competitions. The reason for this as stated by the President is that they are a collection of 5 short plays with the longest having a duration of only half an hour and hence, will evidently not work in competitions. However, he said that they do aim to have a new production ready in time for the IIT Delhi fest. Another thing that sets them apart is that there is no theme to the plays. The performance was not supported by the college and costs were covered through ticket sales.

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