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Dispels fear of racist attacks

On 31st August the Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard visited Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) as part of her inaugural five-day visit to India to strengthen the ties between the two countries especially in the field of education.

Julia Gillard discussed Women and Leadership with the students of LSR addressing concerns regarding politics, the functioning of power and governments and the limitlessness of a woman’s potential to shine in any of these fields. She answered queries regarding the state of politics in India as well as her own country and explained how strong unshakable principles are essential to any good government. She tried to instill in everyone’s mind the belief that a good government is a must for a country to flourish and that women ought to play a role in the making of a good government.

Julia Gillard

She ended the interactive session by assuaging all the audience’s fears and doubts about the safety of Indian students in Australia, emphatically stating that the government was maintaining an attitude of “Zero tolerance” for any violence committed against foreign students. They were running regular patrols in sensitive areas and policemen were kept on high alert to prevent any undesirable event from occurring again. “There are now more police visible on the streets patrolling those areas where there has been problems”, she stated.

The engaging session with such a distinguished personage and fine example of a woman in power was an enriching and rewarding experience for all students.

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