Bookstore review – New Book Land, janpath

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Situated down the sidewalk of Janpath is this tiny round store, stacked from floor to ceiling with books of every imaginable shape, size and colour. One of the oldest bookstores in the city, New Book Land has been around for well over five decades and continues making brisk sales even book land “Salim uncle”, the owner of the store has a reputation for never sending a customer back empty-handed and though you wouldn’t guess so looking at its diminutive size, the shop has virtually every book you could need, ranging from the latest hard covers to books on world history, Indian culture, religion and the usual bestsellers. All you need to do is name the book and it magically appears in Salim uncle’s hands, fetched in an instant from some secret nook of his snug booth. In the rare case that a book is not available or out of stock, he even offers to order it for you. Free of all the customary dawdling and long queues that are so typical of the fancy bookshops around the city, this is one store which really values its customers’ time. If it’s some quick book-shopping you’re looking for, this is the place for you. Instant gratification comes at a price, though. And a fixed price at that, as the manila cardboard sign screaming “NO DISCOUNTS” would tell you. True to the board’s words, no bargaining is tolerated here and “window-shopping” is also a practice that is actively discouraged. Purchases, orders and inquiries can also be made via phone: 011 41530938.]]>

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