Which DU college do you actually belong to?

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Which DU college do you actually belong to?
1.    Which of the following would you prefer your college had?
a.    Beautiful Campus and lawns
b.    Great Infrastructure- high tech classrooms, etc.
c.    Societies that do really well.
d.    Super Reputation

2.    How do you like to dress up?
a.    Impeccably. Have to look my best every day.
b.    Don’t really care. Whatever I can get my hand on.
c.    PJs. I literally like the right-out-of-bed look
d.    All of the above on different days

3.    Which is your favourite animal among the following
a.    Cats
b.    Dogs
c.    Rats
d.    Monkeys

4.    Which is your favourite whacky ritual?
a.    Getting thrown in a mud pit during Holi
b.    Pagan worship
c.    Planting saplings and then watching them die
d.    Forcefully being made to participate in sports day reminiscent of school.

5.    How do you like to socialize with people from other colleges?
a.    We prefer to socialize within college
b.    Visiting other colleges at  times other than the fests
c.    Fests only
d.    At a common watering-hole kind of place

6.    What is your religious inclination?
a.    Christianity
b.    Sikhism or sports
c.    Pagan
d.    Worshipping the general category

7.    What would you rather do?
a.    Not go to the toilet and hold it in all day
b.    Attend assembly everyday
c.    Flirt with danger and therefore pigs amidst the swine flu scare
d.    Lose weight by going on frequent hunger strikes

Check your answers. Whichever college re-occurs the most is your result.
1.    a-LSR, Stephen’s,JMC, IP, Miranda. b-SRCC c- Hindu, KMC, Ramjas, Venky, Hansraj. d-Stephen’s, SRCC, Hindu ,LSR
2.    a-LSR  b- Hindu, Stephen’s hansraj, kmc, srcc c-venky d-jmc
3.    a-Stephen’s b-Hindu c- LSR d- JMC
4.    a-Stephen’s b- South campus c-North campus d-off campus
5.    a- Stephen’s, JMCc, b-Khalsa c-Hindu d-Stephen’s, d-SRCC
6.    a- Venky, Hindu b- Stephen’s, JMC c-Dyal Singh d-LSR

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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