Stress Amma answers all your FAQs!

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It’s that time of year again where advice, asked and unasked for is streaming in from left right and centre. However, we bet that there is no dearth of doubts niggling your brain. DU Beat brings you a few frequently asked questions.

Q: How many languages can be included in the best of four subjects? Is it compulsory to include a language in the best of four? Also does the language need must be English or will another language do?

Ans: Only one language can be considered in the best of four. One language has to be included compulsorily. As the medium of instructions in DU is mostly English, if any other language other than English is included 2% are deducted.

Q: I’ve heard there is a compulsory Hindi examination for all students of DU. Could you clarify?
Ans: Hindi is a qualifying paper for students of most courses excepting a few such as B Com(Hons) and some of the science courses. The university conducts the papers for students of three different levels. If you’ve studied Hindi till class 8th, you will have to appear for the “lower Hindi” examination and if you’ve studied Hindi as your second language till class 10th, you will be eligible to give the “qualifying Hindi” examination. If you have not studied Hindi till 8th, you will have to give an alternate qualifying paper

The only thing you should worry about right now is ticking the right column while filling up your form because most colleges demand your qualification in the language.

Q: Can we fill two common admission forms?

Ans: Yes, but it should not be necessary since one can accommodate all the colleges and courses of his/her choice in one form.

Q: For professional courses also is it sufficient to fill the common admission form?

Ans. Students can apply for the professional courses by filling the common admission form. However if any professional course has an entrance test, then students will have to submit a separate form for that college.

Q: Can a student pursue another degree course while pursuing a degree at DU?

Ans: No, a student can’t pursue another full time degree course while doing BA from the university. But a student can do an add-on course or a part time course. –(contradicts the answer to Shraddha’s question)

Q. What career opportunities are open for students taking up Sociology?

A. Students can do their Masters in Social Work (MSW) and make a career in Development Studies, or in the media. One can also pursue a post graduate degree in Mass Communication or even do an MBA. One can work with an NGO in the field of Social Work.

Q. How can I tell whether Psychology will be a good course for me to choose?

A. This course requires you to study subjects like organizational psychology, social psychology, counseling psychology, abnormal psychology, statistics, research methods and many more This course requires a person to be reflective and students who posses such a quality will go far in this field. I t has been seen that students having better command over the English language and communication skills have an easier time.

Q: Would Applied Psychology be a better option then Psychology?

Ans: Applied Psychology is a similar course which gives more emphasis on field work. However conceptually speaking the foundation course is better.

Q. Which are the best colleges Political Science?

A. LSR is probably the best college for Political Science. Hindu and KMC also have very good members of faculty. Kamla Nehru College too is very promising. Some of these colleges offer very fascinating papers (the fourth paper in the 3rd year of Political Science can be chosen from a wide range of options) that are rarely taught in other colleges. Hindu College offers a paper on Political Economy, while LSR offers one on Women in the Political Process: both of these are papers for which guide books have not been written, and thus require very detailed study. The fact that these colleges offer these papers only reflects just how enthusiastic about the subject their departments of Political Science must be.

Q: Is Political Science Hons similar to the subject Political Science we had in school?

Ans: One myth that must be dispelled is that Political Science in college is the same as Political Science in school. In many ways, they are diametrically opposite! The first year of the honors programme is spent in unlearning the mug up and throws up what CBSE forces students into. Clearly, the subject requires extensive reading and very good skills of articulation.

Q: Am I narrowing my career choices down by pursuing Journalism?

Ans: Contrary to popular belief, Journalism Honours doesn’t limit one’s options to just journalistic endeavours, it can give much, much more. It is a diversified course that enables the student to sharpen his or her faculty to understand and articulate exceptionally well. There is a wide choice of careers open up after it and only a few of them directly relate to Journalism.

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Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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