Scare At St. Stephens College, Security Tightened

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stephns Friday afternoon was thrown into a slight tizzy in Delhi University’s prestigious St. Stephens College. Sniffer dogs and bomb disposal squads were seen in and around the campus premises after Defence Minister; A.K. Anthony’s son allegedly received a threat to blow up the college, on Thursday. This threat is supposed to have been issued to him by a stranger in the college washroom. Even as the police immediately escorted out the student in question, a thorough search of the entire premises was conducted the very next day, while security personnel checked the identity cards of students entering the college campus. This however yielded nothing and the classes, which had been temporarily suspended, were resumed Even as the curiosity of many students were aroused at no point did the college authorities leave any scope for panic or allow chaos to break out

Even as the principal Reverend Valson Thampu, remained unavailable for comment he is said to have called a student meeting on Friday, where he briefed them about the new security measures that will be henceforth. Amongst these were the daily checking of id cards at the entrance as well as the provision of a telephone number which students could call incase of they saw any suspicious characters in or near the college grounds. However, in this addressal there was no mention whatsoever of the Union minister’s son.

This incident once again serves to remind us of the lackadaisical approach of the varsity authorities when it comes to ensuring adequate safety to its students.

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