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– Rachita Murali and Aina Mathew


You ain’t cool until you join the drama society in college. You ain’t worth it unless you’re a member of the coveted basketball team. Been there, done that, eh?

DU Beat brings to you a whacky list of the stereotypes in college!

Disclaimer-Any resemblances of the following characters to real life people is purely coincidental


1. The DramSoc Nonconformist

Aha! He’s the quintessential oddball in society, known for his eccentricities and eye-catching histrionics! The dramsoc persona almost always follows him everywhere he goes, whether it is in class or at the football field. With long, open hair that could put Jimmy Hendrix to shame, and omnipresent body piercings, he’s quite a force to reckon with. He can be found sporting FabIndia kurtas with Levis’ jeans and a cotton jhola with chappals to complement it. He’s quite popular for his witty one-liners and classic impersonations of the professors! Reveres Clint Eastwood, Gregory Peck, Shyam Benegal and Shabana Azmi.

Spot him in – the college adda, Habitat Centre, art galleries.


2. The DebSoc Intellectual

Now he is quite an intriguing character! Our debsoc guy likes to think he’s part of the college intelligentsia; conversations with him would range from the current economic slowdown, the chauvinistic male ego to how sex amma is always so accurate! The DU debater is brilliantly articulate and has a clear opinion on everything under the sun. The intellectual think-tank that he is, he swears by street fashion or high end branded stuff, depending on his allowance. 

Spot him in – the Nescafe stall in college amidst a serious discussion ,in  random coffee shops, Habitat Centre.


3. The Sports Quota Dude

He is muscular, he is popular. Don’t know about his dancing abilities, but I have a feeling Pappu was from the sports quota. Not famed for his intellect, this celebrity is very rarely seen in the confines of the classroom but may be regularly glimpsed strutting about the college premises with a basketball springing beside him, tousled hair glinting with gel/sweat/water. He wears clothes four sizes too big and everything from his sipper to his shoes will have the stamp of Reebok, Nike or Adidas on it although the authenticity of it is subject to suspicion.

Spot him at – the canteen, fields, and gym


4. The MusicSoc Nightingale

Her eyes are kohl rimmed. Earphones are, but a natural extension of her ears. Her feet tap and her head nods. Presenting- the singing star of tomorrow! You will usually find her with a guitar balanced on her knee, crooning away as a host of star-struck fans watch open-mouthed or hear her from the far end of the corridor, practicing with all her might. Beyond the limits of fashion rules, she generally wears basic jeans and tees from Sarojini or Pallika imprinted with images of her favourite rock band.

Spot her in – the auditorium, concerts and gigs


5. The society-less dweebs

Last and sadly, the least, the society-less come at the bottom of this list too. They are the guys who nod intelligently as the Debater harps on about economic crises and global warming. They are the ones force a laugh as the Actor imitates his Hindi teacher for the millionth time. They are the ones who go running after the Dude’s stray ball and they are the ones who clap their hands raw for the Nightingale. Their campus God’s word is law to them and they wear, eat and think just like their idols.

Spot them in – the shadows of the above-mentioned people


Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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