Sitcom Review:

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30rock_lWith a fine ensemble starring Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Scott Adsit, Jack Mcbrayer and Rachel Bratch, 30 Rock is nothing short of brilliant. It follows the behind-the-scenes actions of THE GIRLIE SHOW, a fictional female sketch show which is eventually taken over by Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), a comedian whose race-based riffs have certainly won a following. The lead in the show sees Jack Donaghy rising as the new network chief with a bloated sense of confidence as he proceeds to retool the show. Undoubtedly, Baldwin pulls off the best comic vignettes you’ll ever see!

The show not only carves a niche for itself in the genre of “workplace comedies” but also triumphs with perfection. Fey, is not only the creator and producer of this hilarious sitcom, but also one of its main actors. She plays the part of Liz Lemon, whose plum job as chief writer of this live TV program in NY is progressively plummeting towards doom. Jenna Maroneey, is not only the lead in the’ show within the show ‘, but is also Liz’s best friend. However Jenna’s insatiable hunger for fame, often leaves her disappointed and dissatisfied. However, at no point does Jenna’s blonde-wide-eyed-girl personality leave Liz in a flux between friendship and work, a theme which would have made the show awfully clichéd.

“The Girlie Show” crew – Pete (Adsit scott), Kenneth (Jack Mcbrayer) and Rachel Bratch, are ruminating and percolating. David Hinckley is correct in saying that “the show sparkles not just because its central star gets to shine, but because everyone does.” Kenneth the page is a major exception to this because as a lot of us rightly feel, his character is a little exaggerated and overplayed for no reason whatsoever. I feel that Cerie’s (Katrina Bowden) role is nothing but hilarious. If you think Jenna is blonde, well Cerie beats her hands down! With her awkward and inappropriate dressing sense, Cerie can’t help but add to Liz’s existing paranoia.


When Tom Gillato writes in People weekly- it is the best new sitcom of the fall; believe him!

When Doug Elfman says “it’s bliss” ; believe him!

When Aaron Barnhart says-a potentially great show ; you ought to agree.

When the list of golden globe reads….






….you should rush to catch the next episode!

It airs on Star World from Tuesday to Friday ,9 pm.


The best thing about 30 rock- Alec Baldwin

The worst thing about it- Not enough of Cerie!

My rating- 9 on 10







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