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getattachmentJust like everything on this planet, fashion too has been severely hit by the dreaded R word. Yes, recession has slowly but steadily crept into our psyche and our wardrobe causing more than just a pinch in the pocket. In the coming months, be prepared to see an onslaught of ideas on ‘thrift shopping’, ‘how to get the look for less’ and ‘trends on a budget’ as the fashion industry scrambles to deal with recession.


You know recession has hit the fashion world hard when the only garment that Jennifer Aniston seems to be wearing on the latest cover of GQ magazine is a red tie. On a more serious and brighter note, there seems to be a slash in prices followed by huge clearances from major brands. But recession is more than just sales and budget shopping. It is your chance to mix n match old and new, vintage and modern and create something completely authentic and natural. Since the mood is somber, substitute extravagant embellishments and stones with natural add-ons like ruffles, lace and sashes on lighter, organic fabrics. Fashion is now moving from years of artificial, ornate and excess to a more comfortable, sincere and an indigenous look.


Although fashion is going austere, your wardrobe needn’t. Wear your brightest, most cheerful colors to sweeten your mood. Think citrus, aqua, plum, melon red, fuchsia and sunshine yellow in the kookiest of prints you can find. 


19 year old Ruhi Gupta laments, “Farewell oh buoyant days of fashion…the bank account doesn’t look too good to indulge in trendy quality shopping!” This is not just Ruhi’s but every fashion lovers lament. The answer lies in the words: swap, reuse, recycle. Get your boyfriend’s old blazer fitted to your body shape and reuse it for a bang on trend look. Give your age-old jeans a denim therapy. Use some creativity to crop, fray or rip them and transform it into something entirely new. Now that the creativity has started pouring in, how about making a corset out of a discarded antique cushion cover?


We really don’t mind frugality right now but for fash sake, we hope things get better soon.

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