Ravish me a tattoo

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“I want a huge tattoo across my back so that when my girlfriend rips off my shirt…”

A Sphinx on a bicep, a fierce moon elf on your calf, are some of the most striking tattoo’s I’ve seen by far. Sure the commonalities abide, the dragons, the swords, the tribal designs and all that jazz. But for 1 out of every 5 people I know have got themselves inked for life. While a neatly done permanent tattoo placed strategically on the body does look nice, the reasons for people who do decide to go for a tattoo are rather interesting. They range form celebratory like turning 16 or 18 or 21 to getting a group tattoo leading to gang bonding + a good deal with the tattoowalla.

Many will also tell you that there was no particular reason or occasion and they went for it just because it looks pretty/ is a manly thing to do and is in fashion! Most of all a tattoo is so so so effing hot. Ananya a computer science student say’s “I want a huge tattoo across my back so that when my girlfriend rips off my shirt…(censored)”

I still believe a tattoo is a permanent work of art on the body in which you invest once and for all. [No, I don’t quite like the idea of laser tattoo removal. Why did you get it done when you weren’t sure of it jackass???] A tattoo must be done when you are really, really, really sure of everything. You are not drunk/intoxicated, highly euphoric, have undergone heart-break or have just entered a relationship. If you are unsure, get a temporary tattoo done. It will cost you somewhere between Rs 250-Rs 500 and you can live with it for a fortnight. But the Real deal, is, the Real Deal.


1) Mike’s Bodyart Studio
K-1/14, First Floor, Near Deshbandhu College, C.R Park, South Delhi

2) Funky Monkey
244, Second Floor, DLF City Centre mall, Gurgaon

3) Ron Tattoos
Wz-1, Near Fun Cinemas, Moti Nagar, West Delhi

Write in if you think the place where you get your tattoos done rocks and we haven’t listed it here.

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