Movie Review : Transporter 3

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The Transporter was an enthralling movie with edge of the seat action and nerve racking moments. Jason Statham plays Frank Martin, former special force mercenary, his work, transporting packages from one point to another. Swearing by his rules, he accomplishes his task with minimum fuss. With breath taking action and charisma, the movie proves to be riveting. This tempo is not visible in Transporter 3. Frank Martin is back, zipping the roads of Ukraine with style and charisma. Through electronic rigging, he is coerced into delivering an unruly, mysterious, red headed girl to thugs. With no alternatives he sets on a journey from Marseilles to Odessa on the Black Sea. This play is orchestrated by greedy corporate who are willing to extort business opportunities from the head of Ukrainian head environmental officer by holding his daughter as ransom. With thugs and intelligence agency hounding him, frank is trying to fit the pieces together as well as fighting and driving flawlessly. The story catches heat when the girl captures frank’s attention and becomes more than a package. At times the chemistry between the two and the contrast of their nature flourishes, making an interesting mix. Frank plays his character with distinction. In his crispy suits, solemn attitude and innovative last resort techniques performs, James Bond and Jackie Chan in the same shoes. After a stupendous performance in prison break, Robert Knepper leaves much to be desired as an assassin. Action sequences prove the saving grace (bicycle and car chase) are both intense and realistic. However, the movie comes out as less and less convincing. Unlike Frank Martin, it fails in achieving its mission. My rating: 2.5/5 ]]>

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