Change the society, not the climate

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The Global Climate Campaign is a collective name given to all organizations, groups and individuals across the world who are contributing towards saving the environment and taking progressive measures to combat the threat of global warming. This year the group organized its ‘Global Day of Action on Climate’ on 6th December at the ‘Faculty of Arts’ (Delhi University), midway through the UNFGCC’s Climate Talks taking place in Poznan, Poland. The prime motive of organizing this campaign in the university premises (unlike at Jantar Mantar last year) was to engage a large number of youth and educate them regarding the perilous climatic variations arising from their own daily activities. The focus was on ‘bringing about a social change rather than a climate change.’
The affair started off with Navin Mishra, the National Coordinator of ‘Global Climate Campaign’, addressing the 700 odd audience and enlightening them with some of the basic facts about Global climate changes and stressing on the urgent need to confront the global crisis. “Two things are infinite in this world, one is the universe and the other is life. The paradox is that very soon both of them would struggle to maintain their infinity, courtesy climate changes,” said Navin Mishra. This was followed by a release of a booklet, ‘Climate Changes in South Asia’, by Professor S.K. Vij (Dean, Student Welfare) and Professor Sanjay Bhatt (HOD, Department of Social Work) There was a discernible enthusiasm amongst the young participants who voiced their solidarity to find solutions for global warming, through a peaceful demonstration across the University Campus. Providing strength to the cause were various street plays performed by the students of Daulat Ram College, School of Environmental Studies and the theatre group ‘Antraal.’ All these plays propagated the necessity to save natural resources and popularize the use of public transport in developed metropolitan cities. The proceedings ended with the dignitaries offering possible solutions to the predicament and measures that can possibly be taken by the current generation in order to safeguard the future of their world.

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