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Ever ran so short on money that food became an issue? DU Beat attempts to alleviate your misery (without actually giving you any money) by listing a few random, impromptu meals that you can pick up anywhere in Delhi. Total price: Rs.25
Bhelpuri and Banta
Bhelpuri [Rs.10-15] is one of the few items of Delhi street food in which – this writer grudgingly admits – Delhi chaatwalas score above their Mumbai counterparts. Full of potatoes, peanuts and bits of the chaatwala’s body, the bhelpuri is best washed down with a cool glass of lemon soda [Rs.10] (because the chaatwala will always put too much tikka).
Chowmein and Perk
Let’s face it: cheap Chinese products are taking over the Indian economy. One of the early conquistadors was the humble chowmien [Rs.15-20], now available on every other street corner and every single college canteen. Filling, delicious and alarmingly oily, it’s best if you finish with the Oh So Light perk (you won’t have space for anything else).
Omelet Sandwich and an Ice Lolly
If you don’t have the misfortune to be Pure Non-Veg, you can eat from the countless carts that mysteriously pop into existence every evening, selling freshly made boiled eggs and omelets. Priced between Rs.14-20, the omelet sandwich should be consumed along with another staple of Delhi culture: ice cream from a refrigerated cart.
Samosas and Candy
Priced at Rs.6 apiece, potato-loaded Punjabi samosas are one of the most filling dishes available: it’s a brave (or greedy) individual who’ll attempt more than three in one stretch. Some college canteens (e.g. Hansraj) sell Samosas for Rs.3 apiece. And it’s always fun to have a pocketful of Melody [Rs.1 each] or Gems [1 for four pieces] or Candyman [50p].
Chole Bhature and Random Chocolate Bar
Delhi’s specialty. The dish which makes one want to forgive Delhi for being a culinary philistine when compared to Mumbai or Kolkatta. Priced between Rs.12 (average college canteen) to 26 (Chaca’s at Kamla Nagar, in front of which there is always a line), this dish ought be finished off with a mass-produced (yet tasty) chocolate bar like Barone or Five Star.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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