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Sex Amma

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1.) Amma, I was kissing a boy for the first time and he was stoned, and I think he did not know what he was doing. And even though we were completely dressed I think he tried to hump me. How do tell him that it was not okay? And that he should not do it next time.

Aiyo!!! my hump my hump my hump my lovely little lumps!! In my village we usually don’t wear clothes so I have never had such an opportunity to be dry humped. 🙁 Maybe he did not try to hump you but was dancing oddly, or was easing an itch. That you read too much into. But either way the next time you find yourself in such a situation just tell him that he should stop and behave himself. Incase the guy you are with is inebriated then you can always throw water on his face and walk off. Since it is the first kiss, (sigh my first kiss) one entertains all these notions about how romantic they are. But let me tell you. The first time I kissed a man was everything but the knee popping Ann Hathaway princess Diaries smooch. So just make the right choices when you decide to let some one close enough to your lovely lady lumps…

2.)I was in a relatioship with a guy for over 2 years but we broke up because of some familial problem at his end. After that he blamed me for the break up and told everyone in our friend circle about our sex-life. This really hurt me and i was determined to not talk to him ever again. However, a few months later he came back and apologised, promising to make it work this time around. He was so convincing that i believed him and took him back into my life. Recently, he dumped me again and this time for something very trivial. What worries me more is that though i’m upset with him, i am still not angry enough to cut all contact with him. I feel like i would forgive him again if he came back to me and somehow that doesnt seem like the most sensible thing to do. Please help!

It sounds like you’ve already made the decision and the more sensible option is also very clear to you. This person has, for whatever reason, not treated you very well but you’re still clinging on to the relationship you once shared. People do regret their mistakes but the fact that he left you a second time around should be indication enough that he isnt taking this as seriously as you are. Perhaps you should reconsider if this is the sort of person you want to be with. If inspite all the information you have, you choose to go ahead with him as and when he comes back then you must prepare youself to live with some uncomfortable consequences. Be very careful how you treat your own self, don’t forget that your own joy matters too.

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