Movie Review: Quantum of Solace

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The name’s Bond…James Bond. The single dialogue which made James Bond so famous. But, what if this dialogue is missing from the film? Well, that’s exactly what has happened in this latest Bond offering, Quantum of Solace. Starting from the last Bond offering i.e. Casino Royale in 2006, Barbara Broccoli has been trying hard to re-define the role of James Bond i.e change the characteristics of Bond by leaps and bounds. This ambitious change resulted in the replacement of Pierce Brosnan ,suave, sophisticated, sexy by a not so popular British actor, Danial Craig. Even though the statistics show that the film did very well but hardcore James Bond fans like me know that somehow James Bond lost its charm and that standing in the hearts of a majority of people. I feel that Brosnan was the best Bond ever. He carried forward the role from where Sean Connery had left it. Even today when we ask someone that how they like the new Bond, all they say is that he’s good but Brosnan was the best. He could have easily enacted the role in atleast 2 more films after Die Another Day.

The film continues from where Casino Royale left off with the events, which happen within an hour’s time from the previous film’s. A car chase sequence followed by an assassin attempt to kill M where one of her most trusted bodyguards betray her. In his journey he encounters Camille Montes, whose seeking revenge from her parents’ killer. Together they destroy the secret criminal organization. Locales of the film are strictly okay. Even the look and the presentation of the film hardly tell you that you are watching a Bond film. One has to really keep on reminding oneself that it’s the latest Bond. All said and done once the film ends you don’t really dislike the film, the title track of the film, Another Way to Die, performed by Jack White is nothing much to listen to.

All in all Quantum of Solace is a good second half and a boring forced action oriented first hour. In all I would also like to say that somehow now James Bond has lost that special place it enjoyed in my heart, after Die Another Day which clearly show that somehow the producers plan to re-define Bond hasn’t really paid off well.

My Rating- 3.2 / 5


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