Movie Review: Karz ek dum SARDARDZzzz

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Film Name- KARZ (The parody starts with the name itself)

Producer- T-Series (Bhushan Kumar)
Director- Satish Kaushik
Actor, Music Director & Singer- Himesh Reshamiya (The One & Only)
Supported By- Urmila Matondkar, Raj Babbar, Danny

After watching the film, suppressing my laughter was indeed a magnanimous task. I was rather depressed before going into the hall but I came out laughing. So tickled was I by this half hearted attempt at a movie , that I would advise any psychiatrist to recommend it to patients suffering from chronic depression.

The tag-line- “vengeance is back” is itself very suggestive. One tends to wonder if it’s a coldly calculated, twisted revenge by the deranged producers on unsuspecting viewers. Thankfully my friend, such sanity-challenging films like these are a one time wonder. Or so we hope!
Hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen, the unthinkable has happened.

Mr. Reshamiya has finally deigned to take of his cap, for us lesser mortals, in his second venture. For those of you who knowingly sniggered thinking he would emerge bald and beautiful are in for a shock when they behold the lush black crop on his scalp. However I have my suspicions that somewhere there, disguised by the wig like plastered hair, lies a barren head.

In a valiant effort to search for positives I realized that its ludicrosity has made it spoof proof. On a more serious note, I do puzzle over why a talented film maker like Subhash Ghai would squander his energies on such a venture. For the life of me, I could not comprehend the point the director was trying to put across. So half hearted and crass were the scenes that even an amateur could give Satish Kaushik a lesson or two on the art of film -making.

It was extremely disappointing to see even superb actors like Danny and Raj Babbar failing to deliver. Stiff and pathetic performances by everyone barring Urmila. She was the only one who did some justice to her character. Like old wine, which just gets better,Urmilla’s grace and beauty eclipsed everyone else.

Himesh, has enacted his part with the same gusto and panache Johnny Lever would show for a serious role. Hats off (pun intended) to him for his nerve, eventually he does make us laugh even if it is at his own expense. A word of advise to you sir, please don’t trouble your nasal baritone over the silver screen again.

For those of you who still planned to catch Karz, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but after gracing movie halls for an indecently long period it has vanquished its place to some inferior movies.

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