Weekly Wits


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You put in hard work to finish off pending tasks and this gives you satisfaction. Keep up your dedication towards work. Expect a peaceful week ahead. Friends and family will be supportive. You will be in a happy state of mind.
Lucky no-3.
Lucky colour-Yellow.


Emotional fulfillment and happiness are the key words this week. Your interaction with loved ones becomes better as you give and receive a lot of love. New friendships and relationships are on the cards.
Lucky no-2.
Lucky colour-Dark blue.


You need to spend time in isolation in order to decid upon certain important issues. Do what you think is right and not what others say. Meditation will be helpful. Beware of a distracting Virgo person around you.
Lucky no-9.
Lucky colour-Grey.


You may receive some unexpected letter or message this week. Read all documents carefully. They might contain mistakes. An acquaintance may tell you something about a friend. Do not believe all that he/she says. Be on your guard.
Lucky no-2.
Lucky colour-Maroon.


You may meet an old friend or acquaintance this week. A situation that had been dragging for very long will reach a conclusion. This will make you happy. You may contemplate shifting base. Money is on its way.
Lucky no-3.
Lucky colour-Green.


You may come up with a very bright idea or plan. Do not hesitate in implementing it. It may bring in a lot of recogniton your way. You could spend time enhancing your image or personality. Expect a fine week ahead.
Lucky no-1.
Lucky colour-Light Green.


You have been losing a lot of sleep over some issue lately. However, life is certainly not as bleak as you think it is. Relax and stop thinking about it. Things will soon start improving. Beware of wasting money this week.
Lucky no-9.
Lucky colour-Brown.


You will be in a happy, cheerful and talkative mood this week. You may realize that lately, a certain someone has started meaning a lot to you. Do not hesitate in expressing your feelings. Luck is on your side right now.
Lucky no-5.
Lucky colour-Orange.


You display tremendous multitasking and get a lot achieved this week. Expect a happy time ahead. You are caring and loving in personal relationships. Friends may turn to you for guidance and support.
Lucky no-4.
Lucky colour-Gold, Silver.


A good time to lay foundations for future projects. You may earn some extra money this week. You strive hard and put in efforts to make your personal relationships stronger. This results in stronger bonds with friends.
Lucky no-4.
Lucky colour-Black.


You bask in the attention showered upon you by those around. Love and romance are fulfiling. You can expect visit from relatives this week. You should try and spend more time wih your family members.
Lucky no-4.
Lucky colour-Purple.


Expect friends and family to look upto you. A lot of people will depend upon you this week. You display strength of character and take important decisions. You could receive help from an older male family member.
Lucky no-5.
Lucky colour-Green.

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