Movie Review: The Dark Knight

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-Jonathan Daniel Luther

Why! Oh God! Did he have to DIE?
After Heath Ledger’s stunningly brilliant performance in The Dark Knight it just seems too unfair to have lost him to the great movie set in the sky. I’ve always had apprehensions about Batman as a super Hero. Compare him to Superman, Spidey, X-men and the rest of the Marvel entourage he’s just kinda blah! All he does is wear a sexy black suit that shoots ropes and stylized little bat things. But after Batman Returns and then The Dark Knight, there remain no illusions as to his pure twisted genius. Fine’s he’s a bit of a bat freak, but then pulling of miraculous stunts and fencing with one of the most viciously portrayed evil geniuses of all time has left him a little more respectable in my eyes. It is with regards to this brilliant evil genius, a.k.a the Joker, that The Dark Knight really makes one marvel! If dementia were a skill there would have been no prizes for guessing who should own Arkham Asylum. Fact of the matter is as the movie winded to an end I found my self bitterly regretting Heath Ledger’s untimely death. Of the actor’s history of stunning characterizations this one has undoubtedly got to be his most awe inspiring work. The sheer menace of the Man behind the clown face has me worshipping! If not for anything else Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker requires you to get up and go watch The Dark knight. Of the movie itself all I’ll say is that I wish there had been no damned Interval! If I scribble another ill-mannered word here’s I’ll end up with too many curses so let’s just say – GO WATCH! ]]>

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