Ga-Ga over Mocha

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By Mehroo

A haven for all café lovers and a heavenly experience for the rest, Mocha casts its spell on all its visitors. The moment you step inside, you feel like you’ve finally found your own place – your little corner in the world. Located in the posh south-Delhi suburb of Defence Colony, Mocha attracts crowds from all over the capital.

Inspired by Moroccan and Turkish designs, the café is set in a style that reminds one of Arabian Nights. The walls are done in regal shades of gold, purple and more dramatic colours. With a combination of vivid couches, super-stylish chairs and bright mattresses; the furniture boasts of a class of its own. The picturesque lampshades reflect the magnificent aura of this immaculate café. Rest assured, the interior-designer for Mocha has to be a fastidious individual. The mellifluous music forces one to revel in its pleasure. On the whole, the atmosphere is warm and relaxed.

At Mocha’s, our childhood favourite Maggi Noodles are cooked in various innovative ways, preserving the nostalgia while adding a delectable touch of novelty.

The shakes are divine while being complete meals in themselves. A visit to Mocha’s is incomplete without a ‘sheesha’ (hukkah). They have fruit-flavoured sheeshas from Egypt. (Addiction guaranteed).

The most interesting fact about this place is that everything in sight (except the staff, of course!) is readily available for sale. Yes, it’s unbelievably true that from the magnificent sheesha to the striking furniture, everything is up for sale. This extraordinary experience ends in a unique manner, as the cheque is brought in a deep mug, half-filled with coffee beans; so you can savour in its aroma until your next visit.

Mocha ensures you a splendid time, without burning a hole in your pocket. In every manner, it outshines all other coffee shops in the country. There are no qualms about the fact that you’d feel this strange sense of alacrity to come back.

Well, the charm of the Middle-East, merged with the magic of Mocha, would anchor you to this mystic coffee shop!

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