All about Sex

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2. Can kissing spread HIV?

No. Not really. Saliva has acids which kill HIV. So unless you’re making out with someone who’s oozing large quantities of blood, it is almost impossible.

3. If you are HIV-positive, it means you have AIDS.

False. HIV stands for Human Immuno Virus. It is a virus and not a disease. AIDS i.e. Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, is a syndrome (as the name suggests). AIDS is not a disease either. But it weakens the immune system drastically and then other diseases (which the body can usually fight) become fatal.

6. Can you get HIV through Oral Sex?

Yes. HIV can spread through Oral Sex. This is because the virus can enter the body through the lining of the vagina, urethra (the opening at the tip of the penis), anus or the cell lining of the mouth.

10. Which of the following is not potentially dangerous to a man’s fertility?

Masturbating twice a day is not potentially dangerous to a man's fertility.

11. If a person has sex with someone of their same sex, it means they are homosexual.

No, it doesn't make you homosexual.

12. Which is the best place to keep condoms with you when you are out and about?

Keep condoms in a small box, away from sharp things and away from hot places. Don't use them past the expiration date. All the other places have the possibility of wear and tear which makes it less effective.

13. If a man and woman have no fertility problems and are under 30, they have a ___ chance of getting pregnant each menstrual cycle.


16. A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have;

About 1 – 2 million immature eggs or follicles, in her ovaries.Through a process called Atresia, the follicles will die and by the time the woman hits puberty, only 4,00,000 eggs remain. With each cycle, a thousand more are lost and only 1 will mature into an egg.

17. A woman who cross dresses is a drag KING

18. If a mosquito bites a person who is HIV-positive and then bites you right afterwards, is it possible for you to get HIV?

No you can’t get HIV from a mosquito. HIV stands for Human Immuno Virus. It cannot live inside a mosquito.

19. Where is the clitoris located?

Between the inner labia.

20. A Hepatitis infection causes inflammation of the:

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver.

21. How long after intercourse can a sperm stay alive inside a woman’s body?

Sperm can live 5 days in the woman’s body. Inside the body, they are protected by vaginal secretions or cervical mucus.

23. A “butch” gay man is NOT transgendered.

Transgender refers to people who identify with the other sex. A “butch” gay man has a sexual preference but not a gender mismatch. The others identify more with the other sex.

24. Which of the following will not increase the amount of semen that a man ejaculates?

Drinking more fluids won’t increase the amount of semen.

25. If you are going to have sex in a hot tub with a latex condom, which lubricant should you use?

Silicone-based lubricant. A water based lubricant can easily dissolve in water. However, not all Silicone based Lubricants are latex friendly, so make sure you check the label before using it.

26. If you know the right sexual techniques, you don’t need to ask your partner if they’re enjoying what you’re doing.

False. Everyone has different preferences, so no one technique will work a hundred percent.

27. What is Oral sex?

Cunnilingus: Oral Sex for the female genitals
Fellatio: Oral Sex for the male genitals (popularly known as a Blow Job)
Anilingus: Oral Sex for the anus

28. What should you avoid doing just before performing oral sex on a new partner?

AVOID Brushing and flossing your teeth before going down. It can cause small cuts and bleeding of the gums.

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