Know Your Sex IQ

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1. Do you think you know enough about Sex?

2. Can kissing spread HIV?

3. If you are HIV-positive, it means you have AIDS.

4. Would your parents be alright with you attending a sex ed seminar?

5. Do you know what oral sex is?

6. Can you get HIV through Oral Sex?

7. What’s your take on alternate sexuality? [Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered]

8. Do you know anyone who has indulged in unsafe sexual practices?

9. Would you like to attend a workshop on sex-ed?

10. Which of the following is not potentially dangerous to a man’s fertility?

11. If a person has sex with someone of their same sex, it means they are homosexual.

12. Which is the best place to keep condoms with you when you are out and about?

13. If a man and woman have no fertility problems and are under 30, they have a ___ chance of getting pregnant each menstrual cycle.

14. Did your parents ever talk to you about it?

15. Do you think this topic should not be talked about?

16. A woman:

17. A drag king is:

18. If a mosquito bites a person who is HIV-positive and then bites you right afterwards, is it possible for you to get HIV?

19. Where is the clitoris located?

20. A Hepatitis infection causes inflammation of the:

21. How long after intercourse can a sperm stay alive inside a woman’s body?

22. Which lubricant will destroy a latex condom?

23. Which of the following people are not transgendered?

24. Which of the following will not increase the amount of semen that a man ejaculates?

25. If you are going to have sex in a hot tub with a latex condom, which lubricant should you use?

26. If you know the right sexual techniques, you don’t need to ask your partner if they’re enjoying what you’re doing.

27. What is Oral sex?

28. What should you avoid doing just before performing oral sex on a new partner?

29. Do you know about Dental Dams and their use in Oral Sex?

30. Do you think you know enough about Sex?

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