THE OUTCASTS: Delhi College of Engineering

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Located in a shifty corner of Rohini, having limited accessibility and possessing the dubious address of Bawana Road, which nobody understands, Delhi College of Engineering seems to be completely orphaned from its parent university.
The students who pass out from there get a degree from DU, but have literally no association with it whatsoever. The point that I’m trying to put forward is that DCE gets a raw deal from DU as compared to the rest of the colleges.

When events jointly organized by colleges take place, DCEites are neither informed nor involved. Being a technical institution, it is considered to be far from the mainland, i.e. the North and South campus. Even the U-Special, the university bus service, runs only on one route and only during the morning hours for a college which has a strength of about 2000 students.

When it comes to representation at the student union level, i.e. DUSU elections, DCE seems to have missed the ticket. There is little or no participation from the students, more so because rarely does a DCEite stand for these elections. The campaigning is done half-heartedly, and even the posters are put up as a formality. The students’ union does not pay any attention to the grievances of an institution that churns out about 500 engineers every year.

What everyone who is a part of DU and otherwise needs to realize that besides the numerous colleges in North and South Campus, there are other institutions that are as much a part of it as any other college. Its inclusion in daily workings of the university should not be hampered due to its location or the type of courses it offers.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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