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1. Who when asked as to what she wore in bed, famously replied, “Two drops of Channel No. 5”.
2. “This is a company car!” A famous dialogue said by the driver to James Bond (Roger Moore) during the car chase in Octopussy. Name the car & the driver.
3. A famous haute –couture label was sued in 1999 for selling a lip liner bearing the name ‘Metallica’. Name the label.
4. What is the popular name that Londoners have coined for the Underground, in reference to the cylindrical shape of the system’s deep-bore tunnels?
5. This Hollywood actor is known to shoot for his movies mainly during nights as a fall out of his actual occupation. He is also the brand ambassador of a Swiss watch making company that design chronometers for aviation purposes. Name the actor and the brand.
1. Marilyn Monroe
2. The Autorickshaw, Vijay Amritraj
3. Victoria’s secret
4. The Tube
5. John Travolta, Breitling

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