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– Aniruddh Ghosal

Our last edition of Word on the Street saw us walking down one very expensive street. This week, we decided to go thrifty and search for affordable desserts which nonetheless could be termed as “Yummy in the tummy”. We explore the true street food of India and the myriad desserts it offers…

Daulat Ki Chaat

Location: Kinaari Bazaar, close to the Dariba area of Chandni Chowk.

Daulat Ki Chaat is not a sweet-and-tangy preparation, as the name suggests. It’s not quite clear why it’s called a chaat. It is actually a sweet dish, a tradition of North India that’s slowly disappearing with time. Once upon a time Daulat ki Chaat could probably be located anywhere in Delhi, but today the only vendor that we know of is Nathu who often roams around in Kuccha Pati Ram in Bazaar Sitaram with his vessel of Daulat Ki Chaat atop a hand-pulled cart. Traditionally a winter dish it’s made in summers too, now that ice is readily available. Firstly, Daulat ki Chaat is amazingly sweet. Secondly it’s light and fluffy and is very likely to dissolve in your mouth as you taste it. And thirdly, even with prices leaping about like stoned frogs, your average plate of Daulat ki Chaat will not cost you more than 10 or 15 bucks.

Bille di Hatti

Location: North Campus, Library Road, Azad Market, New Delhi-110006

A surprising number of students in north campus wrote in to us about this place. Straight from Lahore, this place proved to be absolutely fantastic. Bille serves lassis in steel tumblers with at least an inch of malai on top. Finishing this glass of malai though can prove to be a Herculean task. Die hard advocators of the namkeen chachh have not only found this sweet lassi delicious, but many of them have also stood converted.

Chaina Ram

Location: Fatepuri, Chandni Chowk, Delhi G.P.O. Delhi – 110006
Landmark – Near Skin Institute & School of Dermatology

Chaina Ram is the winner of the Times of India’s award for the best sweet shop in Delhi for the last four years. Tucked into the wall of the Fatehpuri mosque, the 125-year old Chaina Ram serves the best aloo cholley and puris I have had in my life. Piping hot, layered with flavor, the aloo and cholley are topped off with chutney. Cooked in pure ghee this meal cost us a mere twenty rupees.

Number Waali Kulfi

Location: A by lane in Balimaran Street, Old Delhi

Drop a coin in the spinning wheel to win as many kulfis as the number on which it comes to rest. If it is the pinball game instead, pray the kancha lands into the highest value square. This shop is essentially a game cart where children play a game of pinball in order to get up to four kulfis. The easiest way to get to it is by asking any kid roaming around in Balimaran by-lane for kulfi-walla Mr. Ramveer’s cart. The kulfis itself are delicious, cool, creamy and dipped in milk. But what makes these kulfis special is the cool scent of victory that surrounds them as they dissolve in your mouth.

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