Taking Chances By Celine Dion

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Celine Dion’s latest English album called ‘Taking Chances’ is the artist’s first after her sabbatical for 5 years while performing at Caesar’s Palace in L.A. The album is a stark contrast to her previous albums. In one word its Edgy, combining her characteristic blazing Broadway magic with genres from across the music industry from soul to rock. Celine belts it out in Taking Chances and the namesake track of the Album is a must hear. The album is evolutionary, tracing the artist’s growth. While talking about the Album she says ‘It’s me, who I am today. I grew. I didn’t change. I evolved, which is different,’ Merging genres Celine is taking chances and experimenting with music having fun mixing it up, and the result really paid off, multiple collaborations, including Ben Moody from evanescence, and the one of a kind voice of Celine outside her safe zone all make this album like nothing ever before, a sensation!

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