Heroes Uncut

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The First Season ended with a tantalizing preview of Hiro freezing time and stopping the arrows aimed at him. Little did we know, he had with characteristic cuteness teleported to 1671.

The First Season left off at ‘How to stop an exploding man’ – Nathan Petrelli abandoning his congressional candidature to save his brother from turning half of NY into another Nagasaki.

Meanwhile D.L is dying from his fight with Mister Lindermann who he kills by phasing his fist through the latter’s brain.

Niki manages to rescue her son Micah from Candice, while Sylar gains Ted’s radiation abilities. Bennet and Suresh along with Parkman reach an agreement over Molly – the girl who uses her telekinesis to locate anyone. Infact there is one person she cant locate, a very dangerous killer. (And we are tempted to give away his/her relation to Matt Parkman). The finale draws to its climax with four of the super heroes engaged in a showdown with Sylar – Matt, Hiro, Niki and Peter. At the end Peter and Nathan explode in the air, Matt is loaded into ambulance and Hiro is…well, in Japan.

The Second Season brings new characters and new plots into the fray, as Molly’s nightmares play a major role. The biggest question is, who is killing off all the older generation of Heroes and what is the “really bad” thing they have done?

Milo Ventimiglia plays Peter Pitrelli, a man who has the power to absorb others’ super powers. He has also worked in shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Gilmore Girls. Alexis Bledel, his Gilmore Girls co-star, went steady with him for three and a half years before they split up in 2006. He is a lacto-vegetarian (i.e. a diet including milk products and vegetables only)

He doesn’t drink or smoke alcohol. (A good role model too!)

Zachary John Quinto is popularly known as Sylar for his infamous role in Heroes. He has recently been cast to appear in the 2008 film Star Trek, as a young Spock. Star Trek will be Quinto’s feature film debut. He studied theatre at Carnegie Mellon University. His lineage is half-Irish half-Italian.

Hiro Nakamura in real life is a digital effect artist with an IQ of 180! Masi Oka was featured on the cover of Time Magazine when he was 8. The cover story was titled “Those Asian Whiz Kids”. He is fluent in Japanese, English and Spanish and was named the “Coolest Geek” at the Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards on June 13, 2007.

Claire Bennet
a.k.a Hayden Panettiere, began modeling at the age of 5 months, and then drooled (like most icky babies) on playschool ad contracts (unlike icky babies) at the age on 11 months. She received her first award at 7 for her role in Guiding Light, which portrayed her character’s battle with Leukemia. She also won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word album for Children in A Bug’s Life (2000). Now she is dating hunky dory Milo Ventimiglia, her co-star on Heroes. Oh and did we mention she has the ability to regenerate body parts effectively immortal! Some girls have it all eh?

Gregory Phillip Gunberg and Matt Parkman are one and the same face. He also played Eric Weiss on Alias and a cameo role in Lost with a small part in Mission Impossible III. A father of three he plays an active part in raising awareness about Epilepsy, due to his son’s suffering from this neurological disorder. As Matt Parkman, being able to hear people’s thoughts is pretty cool though not all that original. We think Mel Gibson in ‘What Women Want’ used it in a more entertaining way!

Sendhil Ramamurthy, who plays Mohinder Suresh, seems bereft of any apparent powers. However, his scientific brilliance is what keeps all the other heroes coming back to him. The actor was born and brought up in the States. He even appeared on Grey’s Anatomy and Numb3rs. He was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in U.K. and plays an active part in the Manhattan Theatre circuit. Sendhil is originally from Tamil Nadu, married with one child. On the show he did seem to share his sister’s powers of dream walking but if so there have been no traces of it in later episodes.

Adrian Kayvan Pasdar who plays Milo Ventimiglia’s elder brother on Heroes is of Iranian and German Origin. The scar on the character’s face is not make-up. Rather it was the result of a car accident in his freshman year at college. After that he got into theater and films. Here he got in touch with his feminine side playing a woman opposite Julie Walters in Just like a woman (1992).

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