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Music : Nightwish – In a genre of its own
Album: Dark Passion Play

Nightwish is a Finnish band that plays a lethal combination of western classical and heavy metal. Their music is a unique mix of soft ballads with the guitar sound slightly toned down, and fast, yet melodic heavy metal music with powerful vocals. It currently comprises Annette Olzon (vocals), Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards), Emo “Emppu� Vuorinen (guitar), Marco Hietala (bass, vocals), and Jukka “Julius� Nevalainen (drums).

Dark Passion Play, released in September 2007, includes a masterpiece of a song called The Poet and the Pendulum, which runs for a whopping fourteen minutes. The song has five parts and is, interestingly, based on Edgar Allan Poe’s story ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’.

Listen to Nightwish for the sheer novelty of the experience – a mind-blowing one, that’ll transport to places you’ve dreamed of inside your head. Revel in the power of their one-of-a-kind sound.


This lesser known movie is about a couple who are deep into drugs. A poet (Heath Ledger) falls in love with an art student called Candy (Abbie Cornish). They both get entangled in the problems of balancing their love for each other and heroin. The movie eclipses three stages of their life moving from heaven to hell.

As a tribute to Heath Leder, we recommend this small but brilliant film this week.

Book: The Adventures of Feluda

Satyajit Ray weaves delightful tales about Feluda, a private detective, who takes on interesting cases that challenge him physically and mentally. Feluda’s real name is Prodosh Mitter. He lives in Calcutta and is assisted by his 14 year old cousin Tapesh (fondly known as Topshe). It is refreshing to read a mystery novel with an Indian perspective…where people travel through rickshaws instead of trams and gorge on alu sabji instead of treacle tart.

Satyajit Ray’s genius is well-known and need not be elaborated. Simply…this novella is a must read. For all who know and truly love the meaning of being Indian!

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