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The Blacks were the Whites???

No, this isn’t an obscure reference to the latest fashion trend or one of the “pink is the new black” alerts from the High Life of ramp walks and designer labels. My reference is slightly less glamorous but definitely attention-grabbing.
Permit me to cite a few hypothetical headlines to illustrate my point.

“1939-London celebrates, Black Government grant Independence” or how about this
“1947,USA negotiates terms with Black colonizers”

Yes that’s right…there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight or my IQ level. I did use the term ‘Black Colonizers’. I can assure you I wasn’t sleeping through my History lessons either. All you really have to do is use your IMAGINATION. Picture the world as the Kingdom of the African race or even us, Indians for that matter. It would give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Black Beauty’! What if everything that’s beautiful was Black instead of White? What if the African and Indian races were THE SUPERIOR RACES? Everything would be the opposite of what we know it to be. History books would tell a different story. All that’s associated with Blacks and Browns would be the order of the day. Paganism would probably have been the revered religion-THE RELIGION. Half the world would be wearing leafy garments, sewed together by twigs, singing traditional tribal African songs prancing around a bonfire worshipping the ‘Wind God’. Christianity, considered animalistic, primitive. The White race wouldn’t have been pointing fingers at us, referring to us as ‘the-race-which-got-burnt-in -the-oven’. Instead we would be pointing fingers at them, laughing our pants off at how the Sun God forgot to bake them at all…the Raw Race! Not to mention the ‘Matrimonial Columns’ in newspapers, which would read something like this, “Wanted DARK, beautiful, qualified girl for equally DARK, tall and good-looking boy earning six-figure salary per month”. The protagonists in movies and books would have followed this norm, ‘Snow White’ might have been ‘Charcoal Black’. The World might have been obsessed with Dark skin and the Ponds seven-day challenge would have followed a slightly different tune, ‘Become Dark in just 7 days or get your money back!’ In view of this, the recent controversy involving Harbajan Singh’s ‘rude’ comment (read: monkey) might not have been such a controversy after all-it would have been a compliment of the highest order, “being called a Monkey by Mr.Singh! oh I’m so honored!”
Who knows, it might happen.

By Dipali Mathur

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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