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By Akshita Agrawal

O.M.R. or Optical Mark Recognition is the process of capturing data by contrasting reflectivity at predetermined positions on a page. A scanner can detect the marked area because it reflects less light than an unmarked surface. This year, the Delhi University has introduced examination forms which use this concept. DU Beat provides you with comprehensive evaluation of these forms as DU students fill them out for the first time.
It is for the first time that Delhi University has introduced this concept for the annual examination. The form is comprehensive and asks for relevant details such as the subjects and fee. The process itself is not as time consuming as the earlier form, both for the student and the college administration. However the OMR has its disadvantages too. There is the possibility of missing data in the scanning process. Also, unless safeguards are in place, a page could be rescanned providing duplicate data and skewing the data. The students’ reaction towards these forms is mixed.

For the most part OMR provides a fast, accurate way to collect and input data. However the process itself proved to be quite tedious for many students. As many students who stood in lines for the form, armed with an HB pencil, will tell you – the whole process of looking for codes of subjects from a list can be quite tiresome. A student of Delhi University complained to DU Beat saying, ‘There is a section of the form in which fees details are asked and it said R.NO. When I went to ask the administration person he told me to write my roll number and when my friend asked, he said it’s the fees receipt number. This makes the form even more confusing!” The fact that, in some cases, the administration itself is not aware of how the form must be filled adds to the chaos.
Many students seem quite happy with the form because it simplifies the otherwise monotonous process of filling up the examination forms. However even various college officials admit that the form should have been introduced earlier. This would have ensured better administration and hence less confusion during this period.
Nevertheless, introducing these forms is definitely positive move by DU. OMR forms are more efficient and there are less chances of error as they are read by a computer. As DU becomes innovative and makes progress, the initial hiccups are inevitable. Hopefully, this progressive step will benefit the students.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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