College Beat: The Best & The Worst

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By Anushree Deb and Nandini Swaminathan

Delhi University, recently ranked 254 for its research quality, graduate employability, international outlook and teaching quality, is one of the most desirable destinations for students in India. However along with all of this the fact remains that the standards vary from college to college. And each college has their individual pitfalls and brilliant redeeming qualities. DU Beat provides you with a closer look at these colleges in DU. The best and the worst:

Hindu College
Best: It attracts a good and is the only college to have a ‘Parliament’. It functions with a proper budget.
Worst: Inefficient politics and administration has often quoted to be the greatest fault in the college.

Ramjas College

Best: It offers one of the best language courses available and has an extremely well furnished ECA room that is much talked about. The infrastructure is good and is well maintained.
Worst: Recent controversies and allegation surrounding the college have caused people to form incorrect and often biased opinions.

Hansraj College

Best: It’s known for sports and has been winning the vice-chancellors trophy for four consecutive years. It is the only college to have an indoor archery range.
Worst: Not having a girls hostel makes it very inconvenient for many students.

Kirori Mal College

Best: With newly renovated labs situation there is a lot better with newly renovated labs the situation is much better. Known for its brilliant ECA, the college has earned many laurels.
Worst: The leaking auditorium roof and other infrastructural deficiencies have long troubled the college

Miranda House

Best: The beauty of the college and its structure is quite dazzling. It also has on of the best arts faculties in Delhi University.

Worst: Students often complaint off the bad state of the college gymnasium.

Best: It provides a congenial and focused atmosphere as the majority of the students are pursuing similar interests.
Worst: Students often complain about the ‘geek problem’ and how their peers seem to be very one tracked and dull.

Jesus and Mary College

Best: JMC is one of the few colleges that has a well-equipped, fully functional gym.

Worst: The location. The area around JMC is rather unsafe for women, especially towards the evening.

Gargi College

Best: Gargi’s societies, says a student, add to the fun atmosphere.

Worst: Placements are not conducted in an organized way – there is a placement cell, but students complain that it is barely functional. Hence students complain that they miss out on many opportunities that their peers from other colleges have.

Sri Venkateswara College

Best: The college atmosphere gives students a free, fun, and laid-back feeling, while at the same time it is ideal for academics. Also hygiene has improved greatly, with new loos being constructed in the college.

Worst: Students often complaint of the lack of an auditorium and a hostel which makes life hard for quite a few.


Best: The best thing about LSR is the café – prices notwithstanding, it offers a delectable variety of food for everyone from the junkie to the calorie – conscious.

Worst: There is a lot of institutionalisation, in the sense that there isn’t much scope for freedom of expression and criticism against attributes of the system students might not agree with. In addition, there is an unnecessarily excessive tendency for self-celebration, which makes students overlook a lot that is not right in the college and the system.,

Dyal Singh

Best: Dyal Singh has an excellent, state-of-the-art seminar room, where most events are conducted.
Worst: Many of the classrooms, especially the Science block classrooms are in a deplorable condition, with lights and fans not functioning, among other things.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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