A lot just happened over coffee…

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By Riya Chhabra

When Lays started their ‘No one can eat just one’ campaign, it was received with innocent delight. But when Bru declared that ‘One is not enough’, and candidly claimed that they’re not just talking about coffee, we wondered who they were kidding. Well, apparently, everyone!
A grand event was organised by ‘Bru Cappucino’ at the Polo Grounds, on Friday. Only students were allowed to enter. The event was scheduled to begin at 11 am, but because of the overwhelming enthusiasm, it started at 9:30, defying every custom of time that events in Delhi have come to follow. (Sigh! The things one does for love…or the want of love!)
The highlights of the event were the rock show by Euphoria and the presence of Karan Johar and MTV VJ’s Nikhil Chinappa and Ranvijay at the venue.
Various games and events were organised. The blind dating and the speed dating games won the lucky couples gift vouchers worth Rs 500 each. Then there was the Paper dancing and Salsa competition, the winners of which won Apple I-Pods.
Other attractions included the Tattoo Corner, Graffiti Corner, Karaoke, personal photo shoots, Bluetooth flirt games, Mock tails and a DJ. A ‘Flirt King’ was adjudged by Karan Johar.
Euphoria, as usual, was brilliant and left the audience gasping for more. The show however, ended at an early 6:30 PM because the crowd had swelled up uncontrollably.
As love becomes a commodity, we are left wondering whether it’s a social obligation to be in a relationship.
And all this while, we thought cupid was an angel…

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