Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss

A real life story centering on the debate between science and possibility, this is an account of past-life therapy that changed the life of a patient and the doctor...


10 Odd Business Ideas That Made Millions

Business depends on ideas. The ability to think creatively is perhaps the most desirable feature to make huge bucks. Many times, the most bizarre, unusual or plain crazy...


Sex Amma

Amma… Hello, I’m a girl and studying in girl college…always surrounded with girls and there is no opportunity to meet and date with guys at all…what...


The iTunes Store Has Arrived

“Now you can shop at the world’s No.1 music store. Which means you can browse and buy songs, albums and films anytime you want.” This is the proclamation that the...


Youth Leaders Drive to Donate

AIESEC in Delhi University, in association with the Rotary Blood Bank & Rotary club of New Delhi, Organized a blood donation drive on world AIDS day at the Select...


The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The book starts with a call to Robert Langdon, a symbologist, getting a call from his mentor, Peter Solomon. What follows is the beginning of his journey to find the...


Foreign Trip for 100 Disabled Students

DU Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Dinesh Singh recently announced a foreign trip for a 100 disabled students. This was done on the closing ceremony of Badhte Kadam, a campaign to...


Why Homosexuality in India is Still A Taboo

World renowned Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev claims to have a “cure” for the “disease” called “homosexuality”. He has discovered some asanas or body postures that...


Review: Life Of Pi

A decent amount of knowledge of the book, a fare share of exposure to Ang Lee’s work, and every friend’s Facebook or Twitter grandiloquence about the movie- this was...


2012 Timeline

Moving towards the end of another year, we give you the 2012 Timeline. A list of events events that happened this year in Delhi University.