Ramjas College

Established in 1917 by the great educationalist Raj Kedar Nath, Ramjas is one of the premier and oldest college of Delhi University. It was one of the three Colleges which were established under Delhi University in 1922, the other two being St. Stephen’s College and Hindu College. The College has been named after Lala Ramjas, father of the founder Rai Kedar Nath.

Famous for its rich history and traditions, it offers degrees in Liberal Arts, Commerce and Science. Since its foundation in 1917, the College has produced a long line of eminent alumni.

Website link: http://www.ramjascollege.edu

Location: North Campus, University Enclave, Delhi

Accessibility: To reach Ramjas one can board metro till Vishwavidyalaya Metro station on yellow line, and can than take rickshaw, bus (those available outside metro station) or just go on foot since it’s hardly a 2 km walk from the station.

Bus route: Bus no: 816, Any U special.


Undergraduate courses

  • BA (Honours) in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Economics, History, Political Science and Music.
  • B.sc (Honours) in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany and Statistics.
  • B.com (Honours).

Postgraduate courses

  • M.A. in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, History, Political Science, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Operational Research, and Music.
  • M.S. in Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Mathematics, Statistics, and Operational Research.
  • Master of Commerce.

Apart from these regular courses, the College also provides short term auxiliary courses and language courses also.

Ramjas stands among the top 10 commerce college of India.
College Facilities: The College has modern facilities assisted by the latest in technology, enhancing learning and research. The College has an air-conditioned auditorium that has staged renowned performers from all over India, and a Seminar Room with advanced multi-media facilities. It has an attractive cafeteria, renovated classrooms and departments with individual computers and LCD projectors.

The over 100,000 titles in the library are all bar-coded. Books are issued matching bar coded student ID Cards and titles of their choice. Availability of titles can be checked on computers available in the library.

The Extra Curricular Activities Committee of Ramjas College encourages students to explore the world beyond the confinements of their books. This provides opportunity for intellectual, creative and cultural development. The diverse interests and talent of students, has lead to the establishment of the following societies..

  • Focus -The Photography Society
  • Backbeat – The Music Society
  • In Step -The Choreography Society
  • Shunya – The Dramatics Society
  • The Quiz Society
  • Melange -The Fine Arts Society

Each society of ECAC organizes an intra as well as inter-college festival through the academic session. This includes competitive and informal events. Societies also organize workshops where experts are invited to give their inputs.

Annual Fest: The annual college fest of Ramjas “Mosiac” has got popular after the stampede in 2011 when Honey Singh performed in its star night. The three day annual fest showcases diverse activities and inter-college competitions. Last year Shahid Manjal was invited as the star performer.

Hang out points: There are some places to hang out in the college like ECA room, Sutta lance, DS etc. And the most famous is the college canteen where people from different colleges drop round and enjoy scrumptious food. Besides this, the college has the famous and “real” Tom Uncle Maggi Point around it. Kamla Market is a kilometre away which is a perfect hang out spot.

Add on courses: The College offers many short term ‘Add-On’ Certificate Courses. Some of these are Peace and Conflict Resolution, Gender: Analysis and Interrogation, Women and Empowerment, Indian Literatures: Many Voices Within, Film Appreciation, Biotechnology Bioinformatics — Future

Language courses
In collaboration with the Departments of Germanic and Romance Studies, Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian Studies, Persian, and Modern Indian languages University of Delhi, the College offers the Teaching of Part-Time Certificate Courses in the following languages:

1. French
2. German
3. Spanish
4. Italian

In collaboration with the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi, the College offers the Teaching of Part-Time Certificate/Diploma courses in the following languages:

1. Chinese
2. Japanese

Admission Process: The candidates who wish to be considered for admission to various Under Graduate Courses in College are required to register at either online at www.du.ac.in or register offline by completing OMR forms available and to be submitted at 18 Admission Information centers in Delhi. The OMR form will be applicable to GEN/OBC/SC/ST/PWD candidates. Separate registration for CW/Kashmiri Migrants category will take place in Room No: 218, new administration Block North Campus.