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Arun Jaitley- Finance Minister of India

The Great Indian Budget 2017

Widely seen as an optimistic panacea to the aftermath of demonetisation and the precursor to the GST Bill coming in July this year, we analyse what all Mr. Arun...


Is Hollywood’s Response to Sexual Assault Coloured?

We’re all with familiar with the phrase ‘OscarsSoWhite”, however this year the Oscar diversity drought came to a temporary halt with a sizeable number of black...

With the executive order imposing a temporary ban on immigrants from Muslim-regions,

there has been a resistance from the different sectors of the country.

The Showdown to Trump

Politicians are a species which is said to possess a pivotal incongruity between what is spoken and what is done. The governance of nations is criticised when the...

Descendents of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun: Love in the time of war and mission!

South Korea’s most successful T.V. Show, Descendants of the Sun will soon air on Indian Television. The hauntingly beautiful and tragic love story of Caption Yoo...


Ellen DeGeneres breaks People’s Choice Awards record with 20 wins

Ellen DeGeneres is a name synonymous with the American comedy and entertainment industry. She is known all over the world for her humour, smile, charm and tremendous...

Ranveer Singh makes an androgynous statement in kajal

The Rise of Androgyny in India

While Ranveer Singh stands at the forefront of the cause, there are many and many more who are gradually becoming a part of the androgynous pop culture in India....


Janki Devi Memorial College conducts its first E-elections

Janki Devi Memorial College recently held elections for the Students’ Union, academic year 2016-2017. The Union has four posts – President, Vice President, General...


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