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Security Arrangements at DU fests: the Staff’s Perspective

The college fests bring with them large and often overly enthusiastic crowds, necessitating tight security measures. DU Beat looks at what the security staff themselves...


Roma and the World of Underappreciated Domestic Workers

Roma, the most honored film of the year, is turning heads and changing the public discourse around representation. The film puts into center, the unsung heroes of the...


A Republic is Yet to be Born?

India is slowly inching its way into making its mark on the global and anarchical realm of international politics. But in the hustle, bustle, and glamour, has the...

Image Credits: Surabhi Khare for DU Beat.

Unconventional DU Societies

 The University of Delhi is home to a lot of talent and uniqueness.We bring you a series of unconventional college societies that put their heart and soul into their...

prankster youtubers

The Negative Impact of Prankster YouTubers

Pranking is increasingly becoming a means of sustenance for many YouTubers. Humour is after all, harmless and entertaining. But is it? Maximum entertainment is derived...


Infinity and Diversity: A Review of 2018 in Terms of Comic Book Movies

The Hollywood box-office is most familiar to two types of films: the comic book films and the non-comic book ones. Starting with a few superheroes in metropolitan...


(500) Days of Summer film stills 

Pictured: Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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500 Ways of Representation: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl has often been used as a stock character to brighten the male’s life. (500) Days of Summer tells you that shedding the wrong conditioning is...

Feature image-National Youth Day

National Youth Day: A Glimpse Into India’s Youth

Observed every year on the 12th  January, this day is especially dedicated towards the Indian Youth. But what is the current situation of our country’s youth...

Prajakta Koli_Khyati

In Conversation with Prajakta Koli, A YouTuber Who Remains MostlySane

Prajakta Koli, the owner of YouTube Channel MostlySane, spoke with the same fervour to DU Beat like she does in her videos. Khyati: There is a certain blurring of lines...


Celebrating Ordinary

In a world like ours, everyone wants to be more than just ‘ordinary’. Ordinary is not desired, but is it a vice or a virtue? In the process of growth, we learn much...