Maumil Mehraj

Thai teens play Pokémon GO at the Paragon shopping center.

Bazinga: DU to have a Strict No-Cellphone Policy Inside Campus

A tug-of-war between students and the administration is common across colleges in the University of Delhi, where the former sees the policy as regressive, and the latter...


Auburn Umbrella: How to Incorporate a Pheran in Your Wardrobe

Plausibly, the first question that would come to most people’s mind would be, ‘what exactly is a pheran?’ It is a long cloak-like tunic that is traditionally worn...

Image Credits:Hoosier Homemade

Affordable Interior Décor Ideas for Winter

Winter is perhaps the most comforting of seasons, and the month of January sets the mood for the rest of the year. It is only fitting to treat your house, your hostel,...