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Backbeat and IIT Kanpur: An Account of the Controversy

‘Backbeat’, the music society of Ramjas College of DU, alleges being harassed and thrown out by the administration of IIT Kanpur at ‘Antaragni 2018′.

The team from Ramjas College reached Kanpur on the 24th of October. Members of the team allege that there was a delay of about three hours to get them checked into their rooms. They claimed that the rooms allotted to the girls hadn’t been cleaned at all and was unhygienic to the point that there were napkins thrown here and there in the washroom. The second problem was that the room wasn’t entirely allotted to the girls from Ramjas College. The administration had apparently told them that only 6 -7 more girls from different colleges would be staying in the room, and yet, in the next morning, thirty more girls had allegedly barged into their room.

After a heated argument that had apparently ensued with the coordinator, the girls were provided a three-bedroom flat in the non-teaching staff area of the campus. At around 1:15 – 1:30 am of the penultimate day of the fest, the girls allegedly received a call at their accommodation, apparently by the IIT Kanpur electricity board on grounds that there is a logistical complaint regarding their flat. However the girls claimed that they had neither made any such complaint nor was there any issue regarding the electricity. The callers kept on asking for the house number of their accommodation even after they had been told that there is no problem or complaint made by them regarding the electricity. Eventually, the girls cut the call without divulging information about the house number, thinking it to be some silly prank. However, they claimed that they were alarmed and called the other members of the society about 20 minutes after the incident had taken place. The male members had been given an accommodation facility about 2.5 kms away from that of the girls and apparently had to walk the whole distance in the night.

After half an hour of the phone call, there allegedly was heavy knocking on the door. The same persisted for around 5-10 minutes, without any voice or explanation. They further claimed that in an attempt to protect themselves, they went to the end of the room and armed themselves with whatever they could find and did not open the door. Ten minutes after the banging had ceased, the male members apparently reached the girls’ accommodation and made the guards check the whole building but to no avail. The guard did claim that a certain individual from the Students’ Team was there at the door and then kept changing his statement as to who it was.

Police arrived later at the scene and the security guard apparently changed his statement and admitted to be the person who knocked on the door and said that it was a routine patrol.

While on the way to a new accommodation, the students were apparently stopped by the officials who claimed that they had had a meeting with the chairman who had deemed them as ‘anti-social’ elements and a threat to the fest. The officials then had allegedly demanded that the students vacate the premises at the earliest. The students immediately asked for an official notice for the same and were allegedly told, “Fifteen-twenty minutes main bhago nai toh maar ke bhagayenge” (Evacuate within fifteen-twenty minutes or we will hit you till you’re forced to leave).

As the male members made way to their hall, they were apparently greeted by a horde of guards allegedly stationed to ensure that they pack and leave immediately. After a while, a car apparently stopped outside the hall and the IIT Registrar allegedy stepped out and started pushing the society kids around and screaming at them. The members claimed that this behaviour also caused one of the kids who had visual impairment to get hurt.

“It is important for people to know what really happened and to voice out against this unjust behaviour and call out the perpetrators to accept punishment for their wrongdoings. Stand with Backbeat. Stand with Justice,” said Neeraj Brahma Boro, a member of the Music Society of Kirori Mal College.

Once communication with the administration of IIT Kanpur is established, details regarding the same will be updated on the report.

Feature Image Credits: iitk.ac.in

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