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A Serving of Flesh- The Santa Clarita Diet

Want to feel younger, sexier and more energetic? Try the all new ‘Santa Clarita Diet’, a show so absurd, funny and real- that you’ll be hooked on forever. Starring...

JUST ANOTHER WIDE-EYED COLLEGE STUDENT, Mike Wazowski has arrived and Monsters University will never be the same. With frightening new classes, a campus full of new friends and even scarier rivals, college life promises to be an interesting and uproarious adventure. Screaming with laughter and fun. MONSTERS UNIVERSITY is in theaters June 21, 2013, and will be shown in Disney Digital 3D in select theaters.

Penny Hacks: 4 ways a college student can earn some money!

No one likes asking their parents again and again for extra pocket money (especially when it is followed by your father and mother giving you judging looks). So why not...


Changing The Course Of History: Who Won The Battle Of Haldighati?

    Recently, Mohanlal Gupta, a BJP MLA from Jaipur’s Kishanpole constituency, proposed that the historical Battle of Haldighati(1576)be “amended” in...