Enactus SGGSCC’s project takes on pollution level in Delhi

Enactus, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce chapter,  is a team of almost 50 members, departmentalised into marketing, public relations, human relations, business management, organising, creative, and technical department working day and night towards successful implementation and sustainability of their projects. The vision of this chapter is “We do not believe in giving a man a fish to eat; we believe in teaching him how to fish.”

‘Book a Plant’ campaign was an initiative taken by Enactus SGGSCC to curb the rising level of pollution in Delhi. The campaign aimed at delivering various plants, both indoor and outdoor, to households all around Delhi and NCR. The promotion of the campaign, in order to increase the outreach of the campaign, was carried out extensively on social media, with their Facebook page crossing over 1000 likes.

An essential feature of the ‘Book a Plant’ campaign was the extensive and enthusiastic participation of many students through the Volunteers Programme. More than 300 volunteers had successfully registered and contributed to the success of the programme. The volunteers were supposed to deliver the plants at the customers’ addresses within Delhi and NCR. There was also a provision of online order placement. The customers could place their orders through the Facebook page. A proper and a well-defined lay out, accompanied by a price chart of various seasonal plants eased out the order placing process and made everything customer friendly.

The campaign was divided into two phases:
Phase 1 focused on individual orders, wherein the volunteers and the team members  had to bring orders from households in their vicinity.

Phase 2 shifted attention from individual orders to bulk orders in educational institutions, coaching centers, etc. Volunteers and the team members were supposed to contact their schools and nearby coaching centers for these bulk orders.

The plants were sold at reasonable prices with timely delivery within 3-4 business days. The campaign witnessed an extraordinary success in phase 1, where the sales crossed over 2500 plants. This distant vision saw success because of the tireless efforts the team who continuously guided the volunteers at every step and motivated them to work hard. Phase 2 was also extremely successful and the overall sales crossed the 4000 mark.

Overall, the campaign was extremely successful and Enactus SGGSCC was able to raise funds equal to Rs. 25000 from the campaign for funding its various other social projects.

Image Credits: Enactus SGGSCC

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