Once: The heart wants what the heart wants

Dating apps have become more prevalent in the recent years. And the reason behind that is a simple one: everyone on this planet wants to find their soul mate or the perfect “match,” as these apps refer to them. Sex Amma on the other hand, has a completely different view on the success of these apps, she thinks all young macchhis want a quickie, but maybe this new app will change her opinion.

Sex-amma   “A wink is all I need to convey to the readers the success of dating apps.”



Once is available exclusively in UK, France and Spain region on both iOS and Android Platform. The difference between Once and other apps in similar category is that while one can get multiple matches on a single day, the app lets you take it slow as only one match per day is allowed in this app. Since the market of wearable has increased drastically since last year’s apple watch release, the developers at Once have come up an update for the app on wearable. The app can now match users according to how their heart races when they see a picture of their potential date, literally. The app measures the heart’s response when a user views the suitor’s profile and when the heart beats over a certain threshold, which is scientifically proved to be a sign of attraction, there’s a match. So, even when your eyes fail you, the heart won’t.



Their plans for expansion into other countries have not come up yet but I hope that they find their passage to India soon. Till then, we have Tinder and others.

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