Relatable moments if you use Tinder

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The reasons can be many, boredom, curiosity, peer pressure, or loneliness, but if you’ve ever signed up for an online dating service such as Tinder then there are some relatable moments you are bound to go through. Here is a list of a few of them!

1. Getting fixated on your own profile: You can call it narcissism, but we all do it. We stare at our own pictures and re-read our bio countless times to make sure every hot boy, girl, or person swipes right on us. Self-help books tell us to be the judge of our own worth and I guess we are doing just that.

2. Curing loneliness since forever: When none of your friends are free (or perhaps you don’t have friends) or you are bored in the metro, you’ll find yourself desperately scrounging through each profile to make sure you don’t miss a chance at finding the perfect lover, friend, or hook-up. You’ll assess and re-assess every profile before making the paramount decision on which side to swipe.

3. The wrong left swipes: Usually, when you have a tinder-aline rush happening on your fingers, and you’re swiping left and right like your life depends on it, you are bound to swipe left on the ‘perfect’ match for you. What then? Well, life becomes meaningless and you feel like you lost your chance at finding true love.

4. Not matching with your love-at-first-sight: Oh, and when the same person shows up again in your discovery and this time you swipe right, but you realise it’s not a match. I think that’s when you truly lose sight and probably decide on nunnery as your career goal.

5. Swiping right just for fun: Scrolling through the endless fellow desperate humans, you come across some profiles with headless-torsos, celebrities, Instagram models, or other such obvious cat-fishers and you swipe right just to feed yourself on their bait. Suddenly your guilty pleasure changes from chocolates to leading on random people and un-matching them.

6. People who come on too strong or too weak: When you find yourself in a match on Tinder and a person who approaches with a ‘send bobs and vagene’ or an equally creepy variant, your immediate reaction is to un-match the person before you die out of a cringe-attack. Or, when a person says ‘Hi’, ‘Hey’, ‘Hello’, or straight up forgets all the vowels and says ‘Hy’, you know you deserve more or at least all the vowels.

In all honesty, Tinder has made dating easier on one hand and tougher on the other. While we now have an endless pool of people to choose from and an option for queer people to date, but the curiosity of what else is out there prevents you from settling anywhere, if at all.


Feature Image Credits: The Verge

Raabiya Tuteja

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