DU teachers to file RTIs for 99% Economics result

The news of three students securing 99 per cent marks in the Economics (Honours) course in DU, which left students in varying degrees of awe and disbelief, is now being approached in a probing manner by the University’s teachers. Professors from colleges including SRCC, Miranda House and St Stephens are now considering filing RTI applications to review the answer sheets of students who obtained the highest scores.

Apprehension within the teaching community is not limited to students getting near-perfect scores, but also whether the students getting high scores are meritorious enough. “It’s not just about the 99 per cent alone. Though that is fantastic enough, we are seeing students getting marks in the 80s and 90s, the same students who did not show this kind of potential in the classroom”, said Ms Nandini Dutta, an Economics teacher at Miranda House.

She added, “But, of course, we have nothing against the students. We will be the first ones to be proud when we see such results. However, it seems a tad unlikely for an honours course”. Maximum marks for first year BA(H) Economics students have not exceeded the 90% mark in the last two years.

Ms Dutta further went on to exclaim that it was reported that only 3 students had obtained perfect score (75/75) in Statistics after the evaluation of the answer sheets. However, the University-issued results have more than 160 students achieving the perfect score. Statistics is one of the subjects in the BA(H) Economics first semester course. The teacher put forward the hypothesis that this could be explained by the University’s practice of ‘moderating’ papers, that is giving grace marks to students to make them pass or if they fall short of first division by two or three marks.


She said the reason the teachers are filing the RTIs is to ask the University if this practice is now being used to boost students’ scores like this. “What we need now is to ask the VC what is happening, what is leading to such a scenario today”, she stated.


Ankita Dhanda 


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