YUVA Foundation


While many NGO’s have been cropping up recently with the vision to spread awareness among the youth of the country, the minds at YUVA have identified the issues faced by the community; they know how to address them and have already started working on their agenda. In a conversation with Shantanu Gupta, the Founder of YUVA Foundation, said, “The youth in this country has a lot of potential. However, even after securing a seat in top Delhi University colleges, they remain completely unaware of their civic duties, political environment and policies in the economy.’

At Young United Volunteer Action (YUVA) Foundation, the aim is to empower the youth so that they can tackle economic, social and environmental issues through reforms in education, livelihood and governance. Its activities include community workshops, slum connect (academic redevelopment) and YUVA communications 2.0 (commercial consultancy).

Recently, YUVA has launched an internship which comprises of all the elements required by a student/scholar to conduct research or to prepare a thesis or to take important policy decisions. The internship’s primary deliverable is to conduct a research on the history and politics of public policy and how it has impacted the implementation over time.

Students will get to learn about –

  1. Basic information of Public Policy
  2. Desk Research on the history and politics of Public Policy
  3. Field research
  4. Documentation and Publishing Research

Interns will work for research for Centre for Uttar Pradesh Policy Studies (CUPS) and selected quality articles will be published. The first batch has started from 1st July. It’s a rolling registration process and students can enrol at any point during the year. This internship is a huge boost to students interested in public policy, legislative research and civic awareness.


Ishaan Sengupta
[email protected]