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The college campuses are filled with shouting drones and we are walking on the carpet of pamphlets. Each year, the election season brings out people who want to bring about positive changes. However, in recent years, it has been noticed that while names and faces of the candidates change, their promises never really do. There is a culture of never addressing the right issues.

To break the monotony of the current political scene, we take a look at a few world leaders and what our future Student Union leaders can take away from them:

Angela Merkel – Chancellor, Germany

A winner of 3 General Elections and the only continental leader whose term predates the 2008 financial crisis, Angela Merkel has dominated European politics for almost a decade now. A strong and radical leader, she became a convictional politician who took decisions of welcoming 1 million migrants and refugees into Germany. Thus, she was successful in putting compassion, charity and, humanity ahead of realpolitik.

Our student leaders can take lessons about tolerance and the value of humanity, charity and compassion from Angela Merkel’s humane decisions!

Aung San Suu Kyi – Leader, National League for Democracy, Myanmar

A Delhi University alumna, she is a leader who is recognised worldwide today. As the co-founder of National League for Democracy, she renounced violence to fight Myanmar’s despotism, despite being subjected to house arrest for about 20 years. Her personal sacrifice gathered global support for her cause and also earned her Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

Student Union aspirants can note that it’s not always violent demonstrations which yield effective results. Peaceful demonstrations can also move authorities and governments to great lengths.

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister, Canada

An upbeat leader with a fresh outlook and intellect, he is probably the world’s most favourite political leader right now! With a pledge to resettle 25000 Syrian refugees, Justin Trudeau made waves with his liberal cabinet which had regional, cultural and gender balance. He is changing the face of western politics swiftly with his rare optimism, be it through his climate change policies or legalisation of marijuana. Our student leaders can definitely gain from following in the footsteps of Justin Trudeau. His policies are pragmatic and effective. Be it foreign policies or Quantum computing, Trudeau has a sensible answer to every question.

Our student leaders can learn the power of intelligence, optimism and charisma from the current Prime Minister of Canada.

Image Credits: www.wikipedia.org

Nidhi Panchal

[email protected]