Why Do We Play


In an interview with Zee News, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi insisted the news reporter to go out and interview people who dedicate their life to sports instead of interviewing him.  According to him, an athlete puts in a lot of effort just to make his nation proud.  Even if he fails, he doesn’t stop and keeps on practicing hard to bring glory to his nation.

Though, do we ever think what do we do in return? We often see the students who dedicate their life to sports as someone who is “always playing and doing nothing in life.” But don’t you think we are judging too soon as we pass such statements?

Sparsh Tyagi, the founder of Why Do We Play (WDWP) strongly feels that a sports person’s life is far from normal. Their life is a constant battle between the choosing their own happiness and keeping the hopes of millions people around them alive. To be at the top of their game, each day they make a lot of little sacrifices.

WHY DO WE PLAY is based on the true spirit of sports and which aims to cover the inspiring stories of nameless sports enthusiasts around us, whom we often ignore. Thus, ‘Why do we play’ is not a question, it’s a feeling!

An initiative started by 4 students who were and still are National/State level players of Cricket, Basketball and Football, they felt that people often ignore the efforts of a sportsperson till the time they win or achieve something. Since childhood we are taught that, “Winning is not everything. Participating or having an intention to compete is an achievement in its own.” Though as we grow up, this lesson fades into insignificance and is completely forgotten in the midst of competitive milieu around us.

Who knew about Sakshi Malik and her struggle before she won a medal for us?  Who knew about PV Sindhu?  Who knew about Dipa and her wonderful journey of gymnastics before we saw her doing wonders? Now we know about them because they won medals, what about the ones who lost and are still looking forward to work hard and make the country proud?

The Indian Team aims to provide the everyday local talents a platform where they can share their journey in sports and how including sports in their life transformed them as a human. Many of them are college students, budding to become a professional.

This is the essence of WDWP start up; it provides a platform to students who play to share their wonderful stories with the world through WDWP. Also, there is an exclusive section at WDWP website which showcases the stories of the hardship, glory and sacrifices made by these determined young sportspersons.

Shubham, core member of WDWP, said, “Students can easily relate to this concept because every college has a set of students who are always playing; who train hard to make their college proud. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose, but they never stop working hard.  They never give up.  Yet, we ignore them and suddenly shower our love to them when they win.  For a sports person, winning is not everything.  Getting respect for their efforts is what makes them happy.  They don’t even demand that respect from anyone, instead they try to earn it.  Why Do We Play aims to be a platform where they can share their story with the rest of the world and get the respect that they have rightfully earned.”

For more information, visit : www.whydoweplay.com

Sahil Chauhan

[email protected]