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Being in love at many times leads to a big hole in your pocket. Eating at lavish restaurants and going for fancy dinner dates can only be done at the starting of the month when you’ve just got the pocket money, since by the end of the month we all tend to be broke. But ‘no money’ doesn’t mean ‘no date’. So to solve your problem, we’ve got a list of romantic and budget-friendly places to visit, and things to do with your sweetheart in north campus.

College memories stay with us for life, and so do the memories of college dates. A perfect date, however, doesn’t strictly mean candlelit dinner at a 5-star restaurant. A perfect date is anything that gives you such memories as you will cherish for life. After all, 20 years down the line you will not remember which restaurant you went to, but you will remember if you did anything special with your beloved. You will remember all your crazy dates. So spend your hard earned money on the most attractive luxuries later in life. And for now, enjoy the smaller joys of life with your partner.

Here is a  list that offers you a variety of options, which you can consider for a memorable and romantic date.

  1.    Crazy E-rickshaw experience

North campus and E-rickshaws go hand in hand. But have you ever thought that E- rickshaw rides can be romantic as well? Take an E-rickshaw to any place and be your weird selves on the ride. Or sit at the back of the motor rickshaw, crack jokes, laugh together, and hold on to each other’s hands tightly when you get scared of the vehicles coming in your direction.

  1.    Sudama ki Chai

North campus has various places to visit — from Kamla Nagar to Hudson Lane to Majnu ka Tila. One such place amongst these is Sudama Tea Stall located on the road between Kirorimal and Ramjas college. This place is perfect if you are on a stroll with your better-half and want to stop for some chai. Sudamaji has been serving tea for the last 24 years, and it remains open till midnight because it is visited by an enormous number of people. It is the best and the cheapest place for a nice session of chatting and laughing over steaming cups of tea.

  1.    A Romantic Bicycle Ride

Bicycle rides can never be boring. When you have nothing to do on a pleasant evening, then take your partner on a bicycle ride. You can lend bicycles from Vishwavidyalaya metro station at Rs 10 per hour, and go to Kamla Nagar for food-stall hopping; enjoying each other’s company and some good food. Visit random lanes, have ice-creams from the street vendors, and remember to enjoy yourselves.

  1.    A walk around the campus

The campus has a lot to offer and the best thing that two people can do is go on a walk hand in hand through the campus exploring different places like arts faculty, science faculty and the road near Kamla Nehru Ridge. You can go college hopping and click selfies in front of the colleges, exploring the various regions in the campus.

  1.    A Lazy Evening at the Ridge

If you and your partner are history geeks or heritage lovers – and are not afraid of monkeys – then going to the Ridge is a good idea. Exploring history together and getting cosy in the desolate place can be a fun experience. Also go there only if you are not afraid of the haunted stories that revolve around the khooni jheel. This date might turn out to be the most adventurous one!

  1.    What is better than college canteens?

Being a north campus student gives you the best experience of the campus life because of the proximity of all the colleges. Another perfect idea for a romantic, yet simple date is to go and visit the canteens of all the colleges and try some special dishes everywhere. You might remember what you ate where, and laugh about how you convinced the security guards to let you in, a few years down the line.

Suggestion: Do not miss out on D-School’s canteen.

  1.   A Walk through VC Lawns

The Vice Chancellor’s garden in North Campus is a great place to spend your evenings. Long walks in pretty lawns are always a perfect idea for two people who are in love, as this gives you some quality time with each other, away from the hustle-bustle of your lives. So the next time when you both feel that you do not have anything to do, then buy some snacks for yourself from the vendors there, and go for a walk hand in hand; striking some romantic conversations.

  1.    Shopping at Kamla Nagar

We all shop at high-end malls as a habit. To make your shopping experiences more memorable, take your date for shopping in the streets of Kamla Nagar market and enjoy bargaining with the shopkeepers there, who are easily annoyed and annoying, but always entertaining.


The campus also has a range of restaurants and pretty cafes that one can always go to. But the lunch dates at expensive cafes are never going to be like the conversations you strike while strolling through VC lawns. So go and create some crazy memories with your sweetheart that you will cherish for life.


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VC Lawns, which lie in the heart of  North Campus, University of Delhi have glorious stories associated with it. Besides the historical backdrop, the building and the associated lawns have an immense cultural significance which makes them even more special.

Established back in 1902, Viceregal Lodge, also known as VC office is a landmark in the University of Delhi (DU). A conglomerate of departments and colleges are found in its vicinity. The VC Lawns have pertinent cultural and historical associations. The VC Lawns has managed to carve a niche in the leaves of modern history.

The  Lawns are an archive of history as the arcades of that building are the repository of the time when the Northern Ridge in Delhi served as the British cantonment during the early 20th century. It has also served as a residential area for the imperial rulers. The University of Delhi was established in the year 1922 and subsequently, the estate was handed over to the University in 1933. Presently, it serves as the University of Delhi’s Vice-Chancellor’s office.

The rich historical backdrop of the VC Office and lawns further glorifies it. The building has housed five Viceroys of India. It has also witnessed the historical Gandhi-Irwin Pact. The hidden chambers of the building have served as the dungeons where Shaheed Bhagat Singh was once confined.  Eminent personalities like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi have walked its corridors. The royal architecture of the Viceregal Lodge stands as a testimony to the colonial rule in India. It got renovated and transfigured during the tenure of the former Vice-Chancellor, Deepak Nayyar.

The associated lawns with the office are very popular and lie in the heart of the North Campus. They are easily accessible owing to the several entry gates and are lush with greenery. The lawns give students a space to pursue recreational activities. They are accessible all times for students. The lawns come alive during the evening as people of all age groups take leisurely strolls and enjoy the peace and calm that they offer. A stretch of green grass scattered with palm trees and covered with flowers, in the heart of the Varsity is a sight to behold. It allows people to not only connect with nature but also with their friends and families in a beautiful way. Societies and student-run organisations often use the lawns to hold meetings and to have practises and discussions. The significance of VC Lawns in the life of a student in North Campus is immense. The VC office and lawns will continue to be a definitively influential space in the Varsity for a long, long time.

Now when you are intimated with the facts revolving around the VC office and lawn, take a moment to sense pride to breathe the air around the historic building.

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