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“Some leaders made a mockery of the whole election process”: Akash Mehta, Students Union President, SRCC

“For a rank doesn’t confer just power, it imposes responsibility as well”

The SRCC Union President, Akash Mehta, currently in his third year of Economics Honours hails from a small town in Haryana and is an alumnus of DPS RK Puram. While in a conversation with DU Beat, he speaks of his experiences, the challenges and future endeavours for the college, being at the helm of things going in and out.

How has the first semester been for you?

We introduced the Regional Sensitization Cell and PWD canteen enclosure to ensure a level playing field for all. A session with H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was organised along with a Cleanliness Drive on 2nd of October in sync with the Swachh Bharat Program. A Freshers’ Party was organised with The Progressive Brothers and DJ Harsha. We plan on introducing Yoga to ensure overall development of students.

With your nomination being finalised just a few days before the voting day, how difficult was it to reach out to all the students in such a short span of time?

It is surely difficult to meet 2500 students in all, but life has taught me that if you have honest and clear intentions, nobody can stop you. Undoubtedly it was an arduous task, but with the support of my family and tireless efforts of my team, I could manage my campaign.

With the constant tiff between the hostel and day scholars, how do you plan to strike a balance between the two?

For me each student of SRCC is equal and fair in my judgement. I am the biggest testimony of this fact as in spite of not being a hosteller, I was able to gather all of their support. I shall strive to work for them all alike.

How is your vision for the college different from that of past Presidents of SRCC?

All the previous Presidents worked to their full capacity to make Crossroads what it is today. I have my own style of working though and as a President, alongside working for the fest I should be amongst the students more and get closer to their problems and find solutions.

What is your strategy for handling this fest season?

It has been going well with my team since we started our term. Our focus is to make our two major events bigger and better.

With all the allegations and rumours, are elections becoming a dirty affair and is there any escape from it? What is your take?

It is quite dirty in my opinion. I think some student leaders have made a mockery of the whole electoral campaign. They should understand the morals and ethics before entering this field. There’s an escape once we start realising the true essence of fair politics.

How do you like the tag of a ‘Cool and Charming President’ that you’ve been adorned with?

(laughs) I really don’t know a perfect response to it, but it’s really flattering. To be honest, I am pretty shy around girls, but it feels good to be conferred upon with this title!


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Image credits: SRCC Students’ Union