University of Delhi (DU) extended a day’s relaxation in case of any delay incurred while arriving at the venue in time for the extra-curricular activities (ECA) trials for outstation students who have their trials scheduled on 25th and 26th June.

Outstation students witnessed a sigh of relief as University of Delhi (DU) declared relaxation in case of delay incurred while reaching the venue in time for the extra-curricular activities (ECA) trials. A day’s relaxation shall be extended by the varsity to the outstation students.

The ECA trials- a two level process– have commenced today,  kick-starting with Indian Classical Music (Vocal),  Dance, and Debate. The trials will be continuing till 5th  July, the results of which will be announced on 6th July on the official website of the University. This would be followed by the final round of selection, thereby giving the selected students a gateway to Univerity of Delhi.

The spatio-temporal glitches which are evident during the admission season turn out to be the major cause of stress for many outstation applicants. Hence, the flexibility in such a case emerges as a bliss. However, the relaxation is only extended for students having their trial slots on 25th and 26th June 2019.

“The relaxation is a welcoming step, as the schedule put forth by the University of Delhi has undergone frequent changes and delays. These delays and changes have posed as problems, given that the arrangements for transportation are difficult to be settled on a short notice,” says Shreya M., an outstation applicant from Odisha.

As reported by the Asian Age, an official of the University said, “The applicants who are unable to reach on given dates are instructed to reach venue at the earliest date, which is preferably on June 27 and contact the registration desk of the relevant category. The relaxation option is not available for those candidates whose trials are scheduled for any other dates for a category or for those categories for which trials are scheduled for a single day”.

The official site of the University of Delhi has also laid emphasis on the fact that the condition is selectively applicable for those who reside outside the National Capital Region (NCR), having their respective trials scheduled on 25th and 26th June.


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The University of Delhi has released the list of students who have been selected under various extracurricular activities. The lists of students shortlisted for the final rounds are available on the University of Delhi website.

Some ECA categories are yet to announce the results. Meanwhile, candidates applying under the ECA quota for the following categories can check their status on the online portal:

  • Animation
  • Creative writing (English and Hindi)
  • Debate (English and Hindi)
  • Divinity music
  • Film making
  • Indian instrumental
  • Indian vocal
  • Photography
  • Sketching and painting
  • Sculpture
  • Quiz
  • Western instrumental
  • Western vocal

There is also a set of guidelines that has been released which the selected candidates for debate must refer to. It outlines regulations such as the amount of preparation time allowed and the types of certificates considered valid.

The results for dance, theatre, NCC, and NSS will be announced soon.

While a schedule of the dates and locations for the final round has already been uploaded, the specific time slots for the students will be released tomorrow. All the details for ECA quota candidates can be found here.

DU Beat wishes you all the best as you prepare for the finals!


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In an admission season of many firsts for Delhi University (DU), a centralised system of sports trials was followed, with different trials being held in the various colleges. However, the preceding fitness trials were no longer centralised but, also held in various colleges with applicants being allowed to appear in any college and use the same certificate everywhere.

An astounding 10,238 applications poured in this year for the 5% seats that the university allots for sports and ECA category. Currently, applicants from 43 disciplines are welcome, including, those from exotic sports like kayaking and canoeing.

Controversy had ensued prior to the sports trials with the High Court demanding DU to explain its sports admission process, after a petition was filed by NGO Child Health Organisation, calling for a centralised and transparent recruitment system. Moreover, 50 aspirants were barred from fitness tests on the very first day of trial as their certificates were deemed ineligible, with many of them blaming the University for not informing them earlier. However, according to grievance committee member, Dr Tarun Routhan, “Many applicants hadn’t checked the status of their admission on the varsity website. Almost 300 doubts and issues were addressed by the grievance committee within the 3 day allotted grievance period. Since the fitness tests were already underway, the issues of the barred candidates couldn’t be solved.”

Indoor sports persons had to clear one fitness test as opposed to two for outdoor players.  At being asked about the fairness of this system, Dr Amita Rana, Head of Sports and Physical Education Department at Miranda House, maintained, “A basic level of fitness is expected of every applicant regardless of the sport. Even a player of chess needs enough stamina to perform for prolonged periods.”

At Miranda House, where 31 students were admitted this year, Dr Rana shared some grievances about the new system. According to her, the colleges weren’t given any funds by the University for arranging the centralised trials. Moreover, off-campus colleges have to wait until the latter lists to fill in their seats. Currently, almost half the seats are still vacant in such colleges, while popular colleges have already closed admissions. Also, colleges have to blindly admit students on the basis of the marks given by the judging panel. They cannot personally assess the performance and ability of the applicants.

The centralised system was met with mixed responses, and some aspects need to be altered for the admission process of 2017. The new sports recruits of DU will now be expected to participate in National and Inter-University Games and attend regular practices.

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This admission season, as per university guidelines, ECA aspirants will not get more than 15% concession from the last cutoff for a specific course in the general cutoff list. Till 2011 there was no minimum eligibility criterion for students successful in ECA trials. It is being said that putting a bar on the concession in academic merit will prevent backdoor entries in colleges and hence a maximum of 15% concession in the cutoff has been introduced.

a) Super Category: Direct Admission by the College without Trials

Sports  persons  who  have  participated / represented  the  country  in the following competition(s):

  1. Olympic Games by  International Olympic Committee
    1. World  Championships  under  International  Sports  Federations (IQA  and/or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)
    2. Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia
    3. Asian Championships organized by International Federation of concerned game / sport (recognized/ affiliated by MYAS and / or lOA)
    4. Commonwealth Games, S.A.F. Games and Afro-Asian Games
    5. Paralympic Games (recognized/ affiliated by IOC and / or MYAS)

b) Admission  based on Sports Trials

  1. Maximum 50 Marks for Sports Certificates
  2. It is essential for the candidate to qualify any One of the following Fitness Test items for Archery, Chess and Shooting and any Two of the following Fitness

Test  items for  other  Games/Sports  as  per the standards  laid down  by the university (for the general fitness):

1 Strength Standing broad Jump:1.65 mts for Men1.15 mts for Women Three attempts allowed
2 Endurance 1000 mts Run / Walk:5.00 mm   for Men6.00 mm    for Women One attempt allowed
3 Speed 50 mts. Dash:8.00 sec. for Men9.00 sec. for Women One attempt allowed

A candidate who qualifies the Fitness Test will be issues a certificate by the concerned college. This certificate will be accepted by other colleges too.

A maximum of 50 marks are allotted for Sports Trails, which includes skills test, game performance test, game specific fitness, fundamentals of the game/sport etc. A minimum of 18 marks are required to make a candidate eligible for sports admission. Schedule for the sports trials can be accessed from the website of individual colleges.

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